Signs Your Partner Is Falling Out Of Love

If you are in doubt that your partner is already falling out of love, chances are you are right. There are just so many telltale signs that will help you verify the issue at hand but I will give you the most obvious ones.


  • Lack of communication. If your conversation has become limited to “have you eaten”, “are the kids okay”, “what’s for dinner”, etc., and you don’t talk about yourselves or how your day went anymore, you are just a divorce waiting to happen. If you want to know whether your relationship is on the rocks, trust me, silence always means yes.
  • Taking you for granted. Do you feel like you’re invisible to your partner? You are physically present but for your partner, it seems that you aren’t. This is a sure sign that your existence doesn’t matter anymore. This is when you can say that love has gone cold and perhaps you have to “Let It Go” especially if the “cold” does bother you already.
  • Boredom. When things get boring, who would want to stay? If the relationship has gone boring, there is something wrong about it. Try to keep things fun between you and your partner but if you notice that he or she doesn’t want to make an effort to do so, don’t fret about it anymore. You can never force somebody to enjoy your company.
  • Love lost. This is the ultimate sign. If there are no more “I love you’s”, it’s time to pack up and leave. A relationship is not worth having or saving if there is no more love. Just go and find your happiness somewhere else.

I am not a relationship expert but these signs are guaranteed signals that your partner has gone cold and has fallen out of love.

Dealing With The Trying Times

Whoever said that life is easy surely has not lived yet. While life can be joyful, inspiring, fun, and hopeful; it can be sorrowful, depressing, and hopeless at the same time. There are always two sides to a coin. And at my age, I can say that I have already caught a glimpse of both sides.

How do you deal with the trying times? How do you face the other side?

A cheerful person like myself is often thought to be worry free. I somehow manage to flash a smile no matter what my situation is. But psychology says that people who laugh all the time are the saddest inside. I wonder if this is true to all. Yes I am sad at times. I feel disappointed many times. But I wonder if I am extremely sad deep down and I just don’t know it.

I am the type of person who choose to ignore the negatives. I choose to linger on the positives. The trying times can’t get the best of me. This is how I deal with it.


I came across a powerful message just now. It says “If you see the size of the blessing that’s coming, you will understand the magnitude of the battle you are fighting”. With everything that I am going through, I could just imagine the humongous blessing that is coming my way. I am hopeful.

How about you? How do you deal with trying times?

Keep hopeful my loves.


Summer Kuwentos

Happy Thursday my loves…

It’s been a month since Summer has officially kicked in but I haven’t been truly maximizing it yet. First, I’ve got loads of work piled up. Second, it’s just too hot to plan anything outdoor. Third, it’s not cheap to go out.

But it’s not zero activity naman for the family. There are also a bit of activities here and there that we did and hopefully the kids enjoyed. The idea here is not really to make the activity so lavish but to make it extra memorable. We are creating memories here and not just killing time right? Anyway, here are some of our summer kuwentos (stories):

La Edley Swimming

Few days before Holy Week, we went swimming with the kids. It was a quick one, perhaps a couple of hours only. We went to La Edley Resort. We intentionally went there before the Holy Week because we know that resorts or pools for this matter, can actually become too crowded during Holy Week. As in kadiri na sometimes to dip because the water has already magically turned to opaque instead of the usual transparent. The day we went swimming, it was raining. Not that hard naman but hard enough for Mom and our baby to stay in the cottage. We don’t want the baby to get sick. She’s only like a little below a year, so ingat ingat din.

Casa Mamita Island Hopping

We went to Casa Mamita, a resort in Badian, Oas. What’s super kaloka here is the travel time. Oas is supposed to be an hour trip from Legazpi only but Badian is located at the end of the world. At least it feels like that. Endless road is all that we see. Couple and a half hours after, we finally reached the resort. We actually found this resort on Facebook. I must say, it is overrated. As in!




We were a group of 15 people. We were accommodated in a villa with 2 beds and 2 spare single mattresses. Hello!!!! 15 kami teh! After talking to the staff, we were given another 2 single mattresses. Not that bad anymore as we have kids naman with us so they won’t be using a lot of space in the bed anyway. There was like an attic there and that is where they put the extra mattresses. Scary because we have to sleep there and the floor was only made from a thin plywood. I am not that confident it can carry our weight. But it did!

Did we enjoy our stay? 50% we did. We went island hopping, sunrise is a fantastic view, and we also went night swimming at their infinity pool. The staff are accommodating and they go out of their way to make sure that we are okay. So why 50% only? Because the other 50% is a failure. And it is because of the accommodation which is not that clean, we ran out of water just as we are about to shower after our night swimming, and the food is pangmaharlika. Imagine pansit na almost half a kilo cost 900 pesos! OVER!


Sumlang Lake

There is also a lake popularized by Facebook today. It is Sumlang Lake in Camalig, Albay. We went there last week. It was okay and the view is amazing; however, we probably went there too early as it was super hot that time. I think the perfect time to be there is around 4pm. The sunset view I imagine to be breathtaking. In Sumlang Lake, you can stay in one of the floating cottages. For one hour, the charge is 200 pesos. Not that bad at all. But because it was too hot when we were there (around 2:30pm), we were literally begging for the staff to take us back to the land!


These are some of the things we have done so far. I am hoping we can do more before Summer ends. I’ll make kwento when that happens 🙂

The Joy Of Parenting Teens

Some parents consider parenting teens as a challenge. But the truth is it’s not. Teens bring joy to parents’ lives. Parenting teens is actually a joyful experience. You may ask why?

Group of Friends Smiling
Group of Friends Smiling

Here are the reasons why:

* Teens are someone you can easily relate to. You have been a teen once in your life as well so you know what they are going through. It is easy for parents to relate to their teens’ concerns because they have already experienced what their teens have experienced.

* As long as there is open communication, you can be bestfriends with your teen child. It is amazing how many things under the sun can you talk about all day long.

* You will have a mate for life. Teens are friends who will never ever leave you. You already have a child and you have a best mate as well.

See, parenting teens is actually a joyful experience.

Let’s Talk About Brushing

A very important aspect in achieving overall wellness is to have healthy gum and teeth. To achieve this, you need to have a healthy diet and do regular brushing and flossing.


Diet that is high in sucrose and starch leads to tooth decay. When it comes to fruits, choose the fresh ones because dried ones has high sugar content. When it comes to oral health, be wise in choosing the food that you eat.

Regular brushing is extremely important to prevent cavities and dental caries. There are times when bacteria lurk on the tightest spaces between the teeth. Flossing will help deal with these bacteria.

Remember, don’t lose your teeth over bacteria. Always keep your gum and teeth healthy.

G2000 Headphone [Product Review]

Disclaimer: This is a product review. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own.

I have always been on the lookout for the best gaming headphone. The quality of the headphone you use largely affects the overall gaming experience. So when buying a gaming headphone or headset, I always go for quality and not the price. Although of course, it would be best if you are able to get a high quality one at a lower price.
With the “gaming headphone headset earphone headband with Mic Stereo Bass LED light G2000”, my gaming experience was brought to a whole new level. Because the headphone uses an advanced 50mm magnetic neodymium driver diameter, you can be sure that the sound is very realistic, clear, and intense. When you use it, it almost feels that you are actually on the game. Every sound detail is heard.
Because it has a noise isolation feature, you will not be bothered by the surrounding noise when you play. Your hearing will be focused on the game itself. This makes the sound even clearer because there are no outside noises.
Another excellent feature of the G2000 is the LED light that can be found on the earcups and microphone. It does not only make the headphone look cool but it also adds to the realistic atmosphere of the game. When you play, you can almost feel that you are physically in the game because of the lifelike sound effects and atmosphere.
The design adds to the aesthetic attractiveness of the headset. Its design is very modern. It uses sturdy material that ensures the durability of the product. Another good feature is the Velcro cable tie that helps keep the line from twining. The headset is an eye candy but it’s not all that, it is also a durable gaming headphone.
So if you are also looking for a good gaming headphone to use, the G2000 Gaming Headphone is definitely a good choice.

Best Rain Showerhead – Guide and Reviews [Sponsored Post]

Looking for the best rain showerhead? This guide and reviews will help you.

Best Rain Showerhead Guide

  • It has various settings. Some of the settings are: full body spray, drenching rain, and pulsating rain. You have the option to choose which setting you prefer.
  • It comes in various designs and features. It also varies in finish. Because there is a wide variety to choose from, you will definitely be able to find one that suits your bathroom’s theme.
  • It can easily be installed. There is no need for to hire someone to do the installation. In just a few minutes, the shower head will be ready to use.
  • It comes in different sizes and shapes for your varying bathroom requirements.
  • The price range is reasonable. Price differs depending on the style, design, finish, and size.

Best Rain Showerhead Reviews

  • It provides a strong spray power. It has a pressure chamber that controls the water from the spray jets. This is vital in ensuring a good water flow and pressure. You can get better spray of water every time compared to other kinds of shower heads.
  • Clogging is a usual problem with showers. Water flow is blocked if there is a clog. This prevents water from flowing through the spray jets. The best rain shower head avoids clog because it is easy to clean.
  • They are easy to install. Most models come with an installation manual that is easy to follow. Anyone can do the installation. Some of them can be installed even without the help of tools.
  • It creates a showering experience similar to a spa. This is the reason why many people choose this kind of shower head.

These best rain showerhead guide and reviews will help you decide if this kind of shower head is best for your bathroom.