Jokes that bring back memories of childhood…

So it is that time of the year again when students become busy with school projects. Vince is doing one of his school projects and this one is for English Reading. He was researching for jokes. I make sure that he visits kid friendly joke sites because you know there are just loads of not-so-kid-friendly jokes out there and I don’t want to cloud my son’s head with those. So I was supervising and making sure that I see what he’s doing online. Yes, I am super dooper OC a bit OC.

He was really giggling with the jokes but here I am thinking, what’s so funny ab0ut that? What has four legs but can’t walk? ME: Of course, a chair! or a table perhaps… (no sign of smile less laugh). Anyway, reading over some of the jokes brings back memories of childhood.

When I used to laugh at everything. I see a bald man..I laugh. I hear some burp…I laugh. I watch Mickey Mouse…I laugh. I watch Tom & Jerry, nonstop and I have almost memorized every line and act…I still laugh.

This is perhaps what we have lost as adults. We tend to overlook some simple things that have the ability to make us laugh. Why do adult jokes always have to have a hint of rudeness in it? Is it because we can’t laugh at clean jokes any more? It just feels good sometimes to go back to our roots. I love my childhood!

If you are wondering what the jokes are, here are some of them:

Where do birds meet for coffee?


What games do cow plays at parties?

Moosical Chairs!

What do you give a sick pig?

An oinkment.

What do mouse do at home?


Happy Wednesday everyone.

Psalm 147:7
7 Sing to the LORD with thanksgiving; make music to our God on the harp.




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