The cost of the camera lens repair….

So the camera service centre contacted me this morning and gave me the final price for having my camera lens fixed. Apparently, the fungus grew inside cemented elements and therefore, cleaning will not do the trick. See Fungus in Camera Lens post. So the price will be 5,700 in peso which is around $150. I have no choice but to have it fixed. I made a lot of research about this case and fungus will not go away on its own. I SUPER HATE YOU FUNGUS!

Anyway, I just had to get the lens back for a couple more weeks before I have them operate on it because I just have to use my camera first. Much as I wanted to just leave the fungus as that, I can’t…I don’t have peace of find knowing that something is lurking behind my camera lens!

I may have to bid goodbye to my 5700 but if it means good pictures and peace of find…I wouldn’t think twice 🙂


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