Vanity comes in all forms…

I was trying to keep Vince’s hair long. He always has very short hair and it sort of given him an identity. He always look like this.

Vince with very short hair…getting ready to swim..He used to train for swimming but then he got bored.

2 years ago, I resisted the urge to razor his hair and it grew to this length

(Vince waiting for his pizza)

The long hair wasn’t really a problem at school until today. The teacher asked him to cut off his hair.

I just want to give you a “before the haircut” look:

Did you notice he is getting slimmer?

So now he had the dreaded haircut.

He initially wanted to have a foot spa treatment first prior to the hair cut.. SPELL SPOILED!

Oh please…get off that chair…lol

PINK…really? This is a salon not a barber shop.

He is really ticklish.

He was very specific that he doesn’t want a near-skin-head do.

Complaining about the hairs getting into his neck. Did I mention he is ticklish?

Getting there…I can almost see the result.

I love the long bangs….

I told him we should just leave the bangs like that. He hates the idea.

Tita Rio doing the final checking.


Bit of spray here and there.

Shampoo after the hair cut.

Rinsing the hair.

Wiping the hair.

The supportive auntie.

And where’s the momma during all these? BEHIND THE CAMERA…..


John 3:16: For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.


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