What made our tummy happy on Valentines…

Happy Thursday my loves….

I am really sorry for my few days of absence. I have been sick! Would you believe it? Right after Valentine’s day, I got really sick. Overstressed? OVERFED! Gluttony is a sin and this may just have been my punishment for the unlimited buffet. Hey, who could say no to baked prawns and yummy cakes?

I know I have promised you pictures of the Valentine’s dinner date but I decided to create two posts for the date because there are just too many pictures. So this is the first batch – a picture of the dinner buffet that made our tummy really happy. I think the happiness is permanently etched!


The main course. Baked prawns, roasted chook, cordon bleu, mixed veggies, medium rare steak, quiche, and mashed potato. I know it’s too much right? But hey,,,my tummy can stretch this much!

A closer look…Doesn’t this make us all go hungry again?

This is just one of the countless desserts…I think this is panna cotta with fresh strawberry and choco on top.

The floating island dessert. It’s basically meringue topped with some almonds and swimming in sweet and milky sauce.

The chocolate opera cake is my favourite. It is a layer of “pili” nut – much like cashew nut – and chocolate. The other is fruit tart. What makes this tart different is that the shell is actually made of pure chocolate. I’m literally drooling right now!

More desserts – handcrafted white chocolates, glazed mixed fruits, blueberry cheesecake, chille mango cheesecake…YUM!

And what says I love you better than a platter of sweets?

Oh the cream puffs are the best! I could eat them forever!

So these basically made our tummy happy and our mouth busy last Valentines 🙂

Proverbs 15:17
A bowl of vegetables with someone you love is better than steak with someone you hate. (NLT)


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