Why I blog….

Happy Thursday my loves….

I’ve been blogging for several years already. But I write for my clients rather than for my personal blog. Blogging was merely work for me before but lately I realized that there are many things going on in my head and they need somewhere to park.

I started my personal blog in 2011 and then I just got tired. I actually set up 2 blogs in 2011 – one is an internet marketing blog where I share all my “so-called expertise” on internet marketing and the other one is a review blog where I rank products according to their effectiveness. These blogs died because they are not something that I am really interested in. I realized that what I want to blog is my day to day encounters and experiences. So I started Kiks’ Simple Life.

Now, when people ask me why I blog, I can’t answer them specifically because the fact is that there are actually many reasons why I blog. You see, the thing is if you have a single reason for blogging, you will eventually lose that reason and stop blogging. If you have many reasons and you lose one, there are still many to go by. So why do I blog? Here are my top reasons:

1. My cup of ideas is never empty.

What do you do when your mind just overflows with ideas?  If this is a talent, I’d win any talent competition. You have to share them. And for the past years, I’ve been sharing my ideas by way of talking. I am an extreme talker! In fact, I can make talking my full time job..yeah 40 hours a week! Wouldn’t you agree that writing ideas is better than talking? Blogging ideas is best because you’ll have a wider range of audience.


2. My happiness is worth sharing.

If you’re happy and you know it, share it! We can’t just underestimate the power of happiness sharing. My joy can cheer up a depressed friend. It is something that is passed on. Good vibes is as viral as gossip.


3. I’m proud of my family.

I think blogging is one way of telling the world how blessed I feel that I belong to this family. By family I am referring to both my nuclear family and my extended one. I am just surrounded with wonderful people worth telling the world about 🙂

4. We’ve got beautiful kids.

This is the next generation of my clan. WARNING: cuteness overload 🙂

4. I have beautiful friends.

I can talk about my friends forever. They’ve shared a part of my life’s journey. I laughed and cried with them but mostly I laughed with at  them.

5. I work from home but I’ve got a cabinet full of super lovely clothes and accessories. All credits go to the lovely sisters abroad.

What to do with them but blog them? I am so blessed I got sisters who patiently deal with my obsession with clothes, shoes, bags, make up, and accessories.

6. I have an internet.

I could spend hours stalking friends and frenemies on Facey so why not spend my unproductive time blogging instead?

7. Blogging is better than eating.

If I weren’t blogging, I would have spent my time eating. And you all know how all those calories can choose to stay on my tummy, legs, and arms!

So next time you ask me why I blog, my answer will be one of these.

Ecclesiastes 3:13 And also that every man should eat and drink, and enjoy the good of all his labor, it is the gift of God.


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