Joy unspeakable…

Happy Monday my loves…

What is it in life that you really want? In my immature years, I’d always say I want to live in my dream house with my dream guy, eating my dream food, enjoying my dream activities, and taking care of my dream child. Everything is just a dream. I was living in a dream.

I even dreamed I had these big eyes:

After I’ve bid these years goodbye and I became mature somehow (Hey, I am still immature. I still daydream. I still dream of winning the lotto jackpot. I still dream of marrying Johnny Depp.)

If asked what I want in life now, my answer is simple. I want joy unspeakable…joy that won’t go away.  I want to be able to live life without regrets.

I don’t say I’m not happy with my life. I am. My life is far from perfect. It is way too far from the life I have always dreamt about. But I am happy.

I have a beautiful family.

 I try to enjoy each day as it come.

But joy unspeakable can only be given by having a secure relationship with the Father. This is the joy I am aiming for.

(After our mini-concert – I ❤ JC)

Proverbs 17:22 – “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.


6 thoughts on “Joy unspeakable…”

  1. That’s a lovely post and judging by your smiles and big family I guess you did find the bliss 🙂


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