I’ve learned more from him….

Happy Thursday my loves….

They say children learn from their parents. Fair enough, this is true but do you know that we actually learn more from our children? Having little V in my life has changed me. And I am certain I’m a better person now. I’ve learned so much from him that I can no longer imagine myself being the old me.

1. I’ve learned to be confident. I was a shy little girl before but when someone depends on you, you learn to come out of your shell. He looks up to me so there is no way I am going to look down to myself. I am SPECIAL. And this is what my son makes me feel every time he tells me that I am the most beautiful woman in the whole universe. And don’t forget – kids don’t lie! 🙂  Between Angelina Jolie’s magazine cover and my old tattered photo, he’ll still choose me.

(He is so confident that he is not ashamed to wear the mommy-made mummy costume 🙂 )

2. I’ve learned to be content. I am a dreamer. I dream of becoming someone big – well not in size. But when you have a loving son who tells you “I love you” every time he looks at you, you just can’t help but feel content. This life is more than what I have dreamed of. I dreamt of being somebody but more than that, I became someone’s everything 🙂

3. I’ve learned to care for others. I was a self centred individual before. I do things for myself. I wish to achieve things for myself. SELF – the thing that matters most to me before. Now, I have become more caring. It is so easy to care for other people when you have already learned what real care is. I care for little V. After all, I am his mother. Everyone has his own mother who cares for them. Why would I care less about them? They are valued by their parents and no parent would ever want their child to feel unloved and uncared for. I wouldn’t want other people to that to my little boy and so I wouldn’t do that to them as well. Remember the golden rule? Do not do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you. I live by this rule now.

4. I’ve learned to sacrifice. I’ve learned to put others first before myself. Being a mother is a sacrifice worth enduring. At the end of the day, it feels really fulfilling to see that we’ve sacrificed for someone we love. Before I can even buy my make up, I’ll have to buy baby stuffs first!

5. I’ve learned to appreciate little things. Every little thing matters. When I give my son something, he is always appreciative. He never fails to say thank you. He makes me feel like I’ve given him the world. He’d hug me and say he loves me. What better return should I ask for?

6. I’ve learned to enjoy life. I’ve learned that life is not just about living. It is about enjoying every bit of time. Happiness is something that money can’t buy. It stems from a good relationship. It makes life worth living.

7. I’ve learned to play. When I was young, I thought of nothing else but study. When I started working, I thought of nothing else but work. Now, I’ve learned to break the routine and inject a bit of play. All work and no play will make me a dull girl, right?

8. I’ve learned to thank GOD for everything. Everything I have is simply borrowed. I have nothing to boast of. I can’t claim anything. I live by God’s grace. I am truly blessed that my son loves God more than anything else. If he grows up serving and loving God with all his heart, mind, and soul, I know that I’ve been a good mother.

Isaiah 54:13  All your children shall be taught by the LORD, and great shall be the peace of your children.


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