Sunday just got pinkier….

Happy Sunday my loves….

It’s a beautiful Sunday here in the land of gold….OZ…

We attended a church service and I was really blessed with the sermon. It tells us how we should walk according to God’s will and not our own will. Our own will can lead to sin and destruction but God’s will always leads to what’s best for us. I am guilty of following my own will at times but I always pray that I don’t fall prey to the enemy’s temptation but actually trust God’s will more.

And here’s a few look of the day LOTD: PINK



John 15:14 “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.”



Happy Tuesday my loves….

Last Saturday, the family went camping at 40 mile beach Bush Camp Karratha, WA. It was a spur of the moment camping. We actually planned to go there for the day and head back home at night to rest our tired bodies in the comfort of our own beds but this did not happen. So we opted instead to stay for the night there. It was freezing cold during the night especially early in the morning. All I did was wait for the sun to come up and warm our bodies. Nevertheless, it was a fun filled day. Camping is all about sands, beach, and sun. We did bonfire songs but they were all Christian songs. We also prayed one by one before we called it a day.

The kids were so excited to see the sand. It was low tide so there was a vast space for sand castles and sand volcanoes 🙂

It was also a perfect spot to write my name on the sand 🙂

And of course, Scruffy won’t be left alone. He camped with us and was our night watch. Good boy 🙂

I am in awe of how awesome our GOD is…just look at what he has made – a beautiful sunset to make our day complete.

Looking back at life, I have no regrets. Everything happens for a reason. I walk by faith and not by sight.

Thank you to my dearest sister for my wonderful outfit. Don’t you just love the cut on the shirt?

Working it out with Scruffy.

My lovely sister with my princess niece 🙂

Yeheyy…wet sand!

Thank you little K for getting a shot of my back!

And the LandCruiser that brought us here…

The campfire that made us warm for a little while. Yeah, not too long because we were not able to collect that much wood. Lesson learned :p

Lazing off the wonderful afternoon..

The kids getting ready for sleep. This is after a round of scary stories.

The bonfire – our light and heater for the night 🙂

And I’ve added some wonderful words in these pictures 🙂

Thank YOU Lord for the gift of life, family, and wonderful place to be in 🙂

Psalms 119:25

I am laid low in the dust, preserve my life according to YOUR word.

Worldless Wednesday – “Blue”

Happy Wordless Wednesday my loves…

So I was to pick up the kids from school and my son took a picture of me before we started the short walk. Thanks little V 🙂

Psalm 103:17 But from everlasting to everlasting the LORD’s love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness with their children’s children–


Happy Monday my loves….

I’ve been really quite busy this past few days – dropping kids to school and picking them up so spare me some of your patience as I am not able to update my blog everyday. This is what I really aim to achieve – a new post every single day. I’ll try to be more wise with the use of my time though so that this blog doesn’t left unnoticed throughout the day.

Anyway, here is my look of the day – little black dress (LBD) and little pink dress (LPD). My little niece wants to be part of each picture so here we are:

And back in my room, we did mirror photography 🙂 that is taking picture of ourselves on the mirror 🙂

Fun time with little B 🙂

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Wordless Wednesday – Scruffyphobia

Happy Saturday my loves…I know I’m late but please excuse me as I’ve been travelling since Wednesday and just got settled in today. I and my son will be spending the school vacation here in the beautiful land of Australia. Anyways, better late than never so here’s my wordless wednesday.

This is our dog Scruffy and Vince is still scared of him…scruffyphobia…

Have a happy weekend everyone…

Proverbs 12:10 – A righteous [man] regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked [are] cruel.