Music to my ears and joy to my heart….

Happy Thursday my loves…

I am and will always be a fan of Christian songs. Contrary to what others may think, they are not boring. In fact, they are the best music there is out there. I can stick with them all day long. They are the reasons why I always have an LSS..last song syndrome.

I have a lot of favourites but as of the moment, here are what’s parked in my ipod:

1. Favourite Song by Toby Mac and featuring Jamie Grace. 

This is Toby Mac with the bridge lyrics of the song that goes “I am a man in need, YOU are my remedy, I love the way that YOU sing to me, sing to me”. (image from

(image source –

And this is the chorus lyrics. Like a lyric to my favourite song, You stick with me all day long, And when I reach the end, I wanna hear it again.

The reason I super love this song is that it seems like I wrote it. This is exactly what I feel. And I adore Toby Mac and Jamie Grace because they allow themselves to be used by God mightily.

2. God Girl – Jamie Grace

Did I mention I am a big fan of Jamie Grace? God Girl is a song that says I’m a God girl and that’s who I am and who I’ll be from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. And this is me. There’s no denying to it. I can play this song again and again. This song is not just for girls though. The message is general. We are God’s people. The song teaches us to wait also for God’s perfect timing.

3. Like a Fire – Planetshakers

This song is so moving. It gives me the chill every time I listen to it. And I mean it in a very positive way. The lyrics is perfect. It says Jesus I’m desperate for YOU and I am longing for YOU. This is what my heart desires. I long for HIM. I also love the other songs of Planetshakers. It blesses me all the time 🙂

4. Hold Me – Jamie Grace/Toby Mac

This is the first Jamie Grace song that I’ve heard. And this is the reason why Jamie Grace became my favourite. I just adore the lyrics of the song. I love the way God holds me. He is with me always. He makes each day extra special. And I will be forever grateful.

5. I Know Who I Am – Israel Houghton

The song confirms who we are. We are HIS and HE is ours. Oh what a great reminder of our true identity as Christians. Sometimes we tend to forget who we are. We feel like we are of this world but we are not. We are citizens of heaven and we should not forget that.

Music makes our ears happy but more than that, it makes our heart joyful. Christian music is not just for the ears to hear but they are also for the heart to feel.

Psalm 105:2

Sing to him, sing praises to him; tell of all his wondrous works!

Disclaimer: Images are not mine. If you feel they should not be here, let me know and I’ll put them down. Thanks 🙂


2 thoughts on “Music to my ears and joy to my heart….

  1. butcheringsaint says:

    I’ve never heard of Planet Shakers before but I really want to now! Toby Mac is awesome. Such an inspiration and so is Jamie Grace. Awesome choices. Great layout on the post! Will check out Israel Houghton as well. God bless

  2. Kiks says:

    Planetshakers are like the hillsong united…they have really good Godly music and I feel blessed that they are being used mightily by HIM…Israel Houghton is my favourite too…check out his songs “I am not forgotten” and I know Who I Am. thanks for the comment 🙂 God bless…

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