Christian, Dressing Up

It’s officially winter…

Happy Sunday my loves….

Yesterday is the start of the winter season…Because we are in the warm part of Oz, it isn’t as cold here as in Tazzie. But nevertheless, we can feel the cool breeze and it’s been raining too. It seldom rains here so it is quite a sight to see each drop. And no, I haven’t been counting the drops ;p

There’s a lot of things to do today but because it was a gloomy day, we ended up curled up in the couch and did a movie marathon. I have quite a few movies to choose from. For a laugh, I watched Parental Guidance and The Watch. And to give me a bit of scare, I watched Hide and Seek. I know this is an old movie but it gave me the creeps.

Everyone in their PJs and covered with the doona.

But winter is a good excuse for me to wear boots:

And beautify! lol

Today is a wonderful day. And I thank the LORD for making this day for us. I thank the LORD for giving me the privilege to live this day 🙂

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13


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