Like a fire….

Happy Monday my loves….

Fire…it consumes…it burns…it lights…it saturates…it heats…

So I’ve been listening to one of the songs of Planetshakers called “Like a fire”. This song is so moving. I always include this in my line up when I’m tasked to lead the worship team at our church back in the Philippines.

How I love this song as it declares our need for Christ. Fire gives light. We need light to be able to live comfortably. We need light so we can see where we’re going. God is light. We need Him, there is no doubt to it. There may be times when our world seems so dark and we don’t know where we’ll end up to. We may try to open our eyes but they seem to be blinded by the situations we are in. God is light. Like a fire, He lights up our world.

He consumes me like a fire. My heart is just overwhelmed when I know that I am in His presence. There is fullness of joy. There is contentment. There is peace.

Like a fire, He can set me on fire for service. How I love the feeling of being on fire for Christ.

This song is an expression of desperateness for Christ. It is a declaration of the fact that we can’t be anything or anyone without Him. A good reminder indeed that we need Him.

If you haven’t heard this song yet, I suggest you do. This is an excellent worship song too for churches.

Hebrews 12:29

 for our “God is a consuming fire.”


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