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32 is not bad after all….

Happy Wednesday my loves…

I know it’s been a while since I gave this blog some love. I don’t want to make excuses so I’ll cut the reasoning out and just tell you about what has been happening to me.

I had my 32nd birthday this week. Yes, I am not one of the ladies who hide their age. I don’t have to. I’ve been through a lot to get to my age so why would I be ashamed to flaunt it? 32 is not bad after all. I used to fear the day when I will be out of the calendar numbers. But now that I’m officially out, I don’t really feel odd. I actually feel so blessed getting to this age. Through the years, my survival is just out of God’s grace.

I had a very simple celebration with family and friends. The truth is that I have no plans of celebrating as I was really busy that day but my special friends from church helped me out. How blessed I am with friends 🙂 #feelingloved.

God has a special way of making me feel loved. He surrounded me with family and friends that are just awesome. We had hours of fun and singing. We also had a go at baking “braso de mercedes” which is sort of a rolled pavlova or meringue with custard inside. It was so much fun. I had a blast – literally – I turned on the oven and I didn’t know that the fire went out when I closed it. 20 minutes passed and when we were checking the pavlova, it wasn’t rising and then I realized that the fire was out. So being the dumb girl that I was, I lit the fire right away without even waiting for the gas to evaporate first. So what happened next was scary. Fire caught me and I burned my hair – well, only a little bit of it. Instant curls at the end of my hair! Perhaps the oven knew that I had no time to fix my hair so it did it for me. Awww how sweet of it 🙂

Well, here’s the cake that the hubby got me – blueberry cheesecake from Balay Cena Una.

He also got us some assorted cakes from the same shop.

My cousin made me this arc balloon which was really beautiful. Made me feel young at least.

That’s my son at the middle of the princess arc.

And this was the braso de mercedes that my brother from church baked for me. We had to do it twice because of the oven incident I told you about. The first try was a failure as the pavlova didn’t rise.

And here is the haggard girl who almost got her face burned 🙂 Yes, I had to tie the hair because of the oven-curled ends 🙂

And thank YOU LORD for another year 🙂


Fear of the LORD is a life-giving fountain; it offers escape from the snares of death.

Proverbs 14:27


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