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Which Type of Parent Are You?

Happy Wednesday my loves…

Did you know that there many types of parents? And I believe that all parents will fall into at least one of these types. Parenting involves many different styles depending on the different parenting situations that we face. So what are these types of parents and which type are you?


This is the type of parent that uses the power of scream to get the reactions that they want. Whether they want their children to stop doing something or they simply want to get the attention of their children, these parents scream. I am a screamer but not at all times. I only scream if my son seems to hear everything except my voice.

At times, screaming helps us parents get the attention that we want. But if we constantly scream, our children will just get immune to our loud voice and soon enough, it will lose its effectiveness. Then maybe we can try the small voice after?


This is the type of parent that negotiates everything with their children. So your kid wants to watch television? You negotiate with your kid that he can only watch television after he has finished his homework. You teenager wants to go out with his friends? You negotiate with him that he will only be allowed on the weekend and only for just 3 hours.

Negotiating is a good way to let the children know that you trust them but you expect trust and respect in return. They should also know the pros and cons of the requests that they are asking from you.


This is the type of parent that is over protective of their children’s emotions. They don’t want their children to feel that they have failed on something so the parents are always on the rescue. It doesn’t matter if they have to stay awake for days just to help their kids with homework as long as their kids get to succeed and be happy.

This is the type of parent that ends up saying yes to everything that their children say. In the house, the kids rule.


This is the type of parent that expects their children to excel always. They are the ones who have the tendency to over push their children to their limits. With parents like this, the children feel pressured.

This type of parent is the exact opposite of the Martyr type. With the martyr type, the parents consider everything that their children do as good; while for the perfectionist type, the parents consider everything that their children do as not good enough.


This is the type of parent that goes overboard on trying to be cool in the eyes of their children. They do what their kids do. There are even some parents who start getting into the fashion taste of their children’s generation. They treat their kids as friends. While this is a good way to connect with your children, sometimes, it paves the way for your children to lose respect towards you.

Everything should be done in moderation. It is perfectly okay to be friends with your children but don’t stop being a parent to them.

So there you go my loves…which type of parent are you?

I am all of them. I am a screamer when I particularly need attention. I am a negotiator because I make sure that my son ends up being responsible for what he is doing. I am a martyr. It breaks my heart to see my son sad so sometimes I meddle just so he gets his way. I am a perfectionist because I always push my son to explore and do more. I am sometimes overcool that my son thinks I’m going overboard especially when I talk about teen shows.

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Psalm 127:3-5

Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him.  Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one’s youth.  Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their enemies in the gate.


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