Am I Preventing My Child’s Growth?

Happy Monday my loves…

We, parents, can be over concerned about our children sometimes. We want our children to reach their full potential. There are times when we become overprotective because we don’t want our children to get hurt. But do you know that there are some parenting habits that are actually preventing children’s growth? I know it’s surprising and I have to be honest that I am so guilty about these parenting habits.

1. Risk Free Parenting

As much as possible we want our kids to be safe always. We never expose them to risk and we don’t want them to get near anything that we perceive as risky. But do you know that these can result to emotional toil to our kids? According to researches, children who have not been exposed to risk in their childhood are more prone to phobias as an adult. They need to experience some risks and failures for them to grow. Ironically, these experiences will let them value safety even more.

2. On The Rescue Parenting

Are you like me who comes to the rescue right away when my son is in trouble? If you are, we better start lessening this parenting attitude. You know why? It’s because our children needs to learn how to solve their problems and get out of their situations on their own. If we keep on rescuing them, they will end up being too dependent on us. They will think to themselves that it’s okay even if they don’t do things right because their parents will come to their rescue anyway.

3. Over Appreciative Parenting

I am so guilty of this again. I always acknowledge my son’s achievement. Even if he is not a winner, I always make him feel like he is. I bet many of you mommies are like me. Don’t we want our children to develop high self esteem? But according to researches, if we are over appreciative of our children to the point that we somehow lie to them, we are developing low self esteem instead of the high self esteem that we want them to achieve. They will not be able to grow with high view of themselves. Why is this so? Because they will start to think that only their parents appreciate what they are doing and that the whole world doesn’t even notice.

Wow, I did not even realize that parenting is really tough. Parents should be very careful or else we’ll end up with immature children. I don’t want that to happen. I bet you don’t too.

Proverbs 22:6

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.
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