Does Authoritative Parenting Lead To Child Obesity?

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Authoritative Parenting

Parents should make their kids eat healthy foodsI personally think that child obesity is one of the toughest challenges of parenting. Why? Because obesity does not only pose serious health problems to our children but it can only bring down our children’s self esteem to a great degree.

There had been issues regarding the effect of authoritative parenting to obesity. It got me wondering. How can authoritative parenting lead to child obesity?

According to researches, parents who are over controlling of what their children eat only worsen the desire of the kids to eat unhealthy. If you won’t let your kids try sweets even once, they will only develop a very strong urge to try it when you are not looking. Well, let’s admit it…it is always so tempting to try something that we are told not to try. Our human nature of curiosity kicks in once we hear the word – CAN’T.

By being too authoritative with regards to eating, parents also encourage unhealthy bingeing. Kids are more prone to eating too much of unhealthy foods when they get the chance.

As parents, we can’t always be there when our children eat. Even if we pack their lunch and ensure there’s nothing unhealthy in there, we can never be sure of what they eat. Remember that they have friends and classmates who may not have parents as health conscious as we are. These kids may be bringing in unhealthy foods at school and they could be sharing these foods with our kids.

Preventing Child Obesity

So what can we do to prevent child obesity? Although we need to ensure that our kids eat healthy foods, let us not be too tough when it comes to trying out other foods. I think it is just fine to let them have a taste of sweets or other foods we deem unhealthy just so they will not crave for it. Just make sure that we properly guide them when they have a taste of these foods. Never forget to remind the kids how these foods can cause them bad health.

We should find ways to make healthy foods look and taste more appetizing and yummy than unhealthy foods. This way, our kids will love what we feed them and they will not look for anything more tasteful.

Part of a good parenting technique is to encourage our kids to engage in physical activities. This will not only keep them active but it will also help them lose weight and maintain it.

1 Corinthians 10:31

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.


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