How To Keep Safe During Typhoon – Lessons Learned

Happy Tuesday my loves…

I don’t if you have heard from the news but Philippines was hit by a typhoon again just this week. Our place – Albay – was one of the badly affected areas. Although this is not something new for us as we are bombarded by typhoons all throughout the year, there are still a lot things that I learned from this latest catastrophic experience.

Typhoon in the Philippines

I am one of the moms out there who likes to overprepare. So when the news of the impending typhoon came out, I headed out to the shops to secure some basic supplies – food, torch, and water. My husband was able to buy this really cool solar powered torch which can charge different gadgets. It came with a USB with at least 8 different kinds of chargers connected to it. It paid off that it was so hot the day after the typhoon – we were able to charge the torch.

The reason why I prepare is that I want to keep my family as safe and comfortable as possible throughout the duration of the typhoon and right after it. If you have experienced typhoon before, you will understand the discomfort and difficulty of the aftermath. Just after this typhoon Glenda which made a landfall on Albay last Tuesday, there was no power and water supply, no shops open, no water refilling stations, and no ATM. It was a total disaster. Talk about discomfort.

So how do we keep ourselves and our family safe before, during, and after a typhoon? Here are some useful tips:

1. Stay at home or wherever you are. Refrain from going outside because no matter how strong you think you are, you just can’t tell what’s going to happen. During the typhoon, the wind was so strong that window glasses on houses and buildings shattered. There are also a lot of falling debris from houses. It really isn’t safe.

2. Although it did not flood last Tuesday, you should always be prepared for the worst. All important things, documents, and appliances should be placed on elevated areas to prevent them from being wet. If electronic items were flooded, don’t use them right away. Make sure to have a electrician check them first.

3. Water is very important. The day after the typhoon, there was no water supply. So as much as possible, stock up on water. It’s better to over than under prepare right?

4. Stay in a safe room in the house. Our house has plenty of glass windows and it was a terrifying night when the strong wind started to blow. It was as if the windows will break. So we all stayed in the bedroom where there is only one window.

And lastly, this may not be a safety tip but I think it is important to arm yourself with plenty of stories especially for kids. They can get bored easily. Remember that there will be no power supply so there will be no television to entertain the kids. I believe it is every parent’s duty to entertain the kids at this time. Good thing I have plenty of stories to tell.

Well, there you go my loves. Keep safe during a typhoon and remember this:

Psalm 107:29

He made the storm be still, and the waves of the sea were hushed.





6 thoughts on “How To Keep Safe During Typhoon – Lessons Learned

  1. Brian_87! says:

    Yes I was reading about it. The Typhoon is called ‘Rammasun’ named after the ‘God of thunder’. The conditions are very critical there, I am hoping for some relieve! Thanks for sharing these tips, such information is required at this point of time, I am sure it will be a help 🙂

    • Kiks says:

      Hi Brian..yeah the international name of the typhoon was Rammasun. Thanks for sharing the meaning of it as well. Little by little things are becoming better 🙂

      • ebencipe says:

        Sbi nga ni ma super hirap daw gumalaw sa haus.. kawawa nga c jedi at tyaga sa generator.. Im still thankful to God that all of my friends and fam members are safe.. See ya very soon gurl =) oxox

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