Gloomy Saturday

Happy Saturday my loves…

Normally Saturday is like a breath of fresh air for me. It spells freedom from a week of going back and forth to the school to drop off and pick up my son. It spells rest from an everyday review of homework and advanced lessons. This is the day to enjoy the outside world. But today is different. It is a gloomy day and my baby and I are stuck in the house.

We woke up quite early today which is really surprising considering the fact that we slept late. Hot coffee kept me from being pulled back to bed. Coffee and good conversation with my family is a good way to start the day. We planned on watching a movie while eating breakfast but we were not able to do so because I was too lazy to turn on the television and my laptop. I don’t have a DVD player so what I do is connect my laptop to the TV using an HDMI cable. My laptop has a DVD player so this set up works well for me.

And then we all went to get our gadgets and we each find a corner where we can play. I know this is not a healthy activity but bear with me as today is extra gloomy and I just want to relax a bit. My son used the iPad so I used my iPod. I would usually play “Frozen Free Fall” but because I have already finished all levels, I have downloaded new games. I only have 2 games on my iPod and I believe this is enough.

One is the SF Tycoon World Tour. This is like a food service game wherein you run your own street food cart. The products depend on the country you are in. The first stop is Asia and it is really funny because my customers are the celebrities here in the Philippines. What makes it even funnier is that they are buying street foods that I don’t even eat like “Betamax” which is a block of pig’s blood and “Kikiam” which is like a rolled meat loaf wrapped in pig intestines I think.

Anyway, here are some snapshots of the game. It is developed by kuyimobile.

game for iphone, ipad, ipod

Game For iPad, iPhone

Game For iPad, iPhone

My other game is called “The Voice’. It is just like the show. There is an option for a camera while you sing the song. This is a good thing because you can record yourself and it is just like recording a music video. There are 4 judges that you have to impress so that they’ll turn their chair. The measure of the score depends on how well your tempo and pitch are. Every time you finish a song, you will be given coins which you can use to buy more songs. So far, my favourite is “All of Me'” by John Legend.

The Voice PhilippinesThe Voice Philippines

But let me tell you that I only played for an hour. So I really don’t think it is that bad, right? And it’s Saturday anyway, right? Do I sound like I am defending myself? LOL

Anywhere, there goes my Saturday my loves. The rest of the day will be spent working. Enjoy your weekend my loves and remember:

Ecclesiastes 8:15

So I recommend having fun, because there is nothing better for people to do in this world than to eat, drink, and enjoy life. That way they will experience some happiness along with all the hard work God gives them.


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