When Is A Child Old Enough To Be Home Alone?

Happy Monday my loves…

There comes a time when parents feel like they children are already old enough to be left home alone. I wonder if there is a particular age to know exactly when parents can do this. Child development books tell me that children mature differently from each other. So this means that two children of the same age may not have the same level of maturity. So it follows that the age is not a fair measure or gauge whether or not you can leave the child at home alone.

This reminds of me an old movie “Home Alone”. The child has been in so much trouble because he was left alone (although this was not intentional on the parts of the parents). Anyway, I’d like to share my personal opinion regarding this crucial parenting matter. We may not have the same opinion as parenting styles differ among parents too. Nevertheless, I sure hope you find these parenting principles helpful.

Voluntary Home Alone

There is no excuse for parents to force their children to be left home alone. I believe we can only leave them if they voluntarily request for it. Gone are the days when my son would throw tantrums just to come with me wherever I go. He is way past that stage. Most of the time, he will just request to stay home but not alone. I make sure there is someone with him, an auntie or cousin maybe. Not that I don’t trust my son but because he is scared to be alone. So if ever you intend to leave your child at home alone, make sure that it is voluntary on the part of your child.

Readiness Depends On The Child

I believe parents can’t tell for sure when the child is ready for something big like this. The child will be the one to identify if he is ready. He will show signs of maturity like looking after himself and his needs. For instance, if he can already prepare his own food or take medication when needed, these are clear indications of the readiness of the child. Parents should watch out for these signs.

Trained For Emergencies

We are not asking for it but it pays off to be ready in case of emergencies. It is a big NO for parents to leave their children alone at home if they haven’t been trained yet on what to do if there is an emergency situation. Never put our children at risk.

So there you go my loves, 3 simple principles that will tell us, parents, when our child is old enough to be left home alone 🙂


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