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Envy Rots The Bones…

Happy Monday my loves…

Proverbs 14:30 says that a heart at peace gives life to the body but envy rots the bones. There are people who will keep track of everything you do and say not because they admire you but because they want to find anything that they can use against you. I don’t understand people like these.

In my case, there is nothing to be envious of. I live a simple life. I struggle to make both ends meet for my family. I am far from looking good. My house is far from being a palace. And I don’t even have the luxury of rest. But there are people who seem to be too affected with everything that is going on with my life.

I keep mum about everything because I believe vengeance is not mine. But there comes a time when the fuse is out and my cup overflows. I am not one who will stoop down my level to theirs so thanks to this blog that I have an outlet where I can say anything I want and no one will judge me.

I’m far from being angry as well. I pity them actually. They are so overwhelmed with envy that they don’t notice that they are ruining their own lives. My heart is at peace knowing that I have not done anything against anyone. I fear the Lord and I believe His justice.

Anyway, let us enjoy a peaceful life my loves…


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