Fever Care For The Little One…

Happy Tuesday my loves…

sick child

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My little boy is sick. He has fever and I assume it is because of the cough and colds that he has. The weather over here in our place is unpredictable. One day it’s too hot and the next it’s raining cats and dogs. I guess this is the reason why my son got sick.

He was not able to go to school today. It’s too sad that he will be missing his lessons but I decided he needed to rest to get well. I already gave him paracetamol and decongestant for his stuffed nose. Just this morning he still has fever but I noticed that this afternoon he is already feeling a little better.

For those of you out there who has a sick little one as well, here are some fever care tips which you can follow:

* Always use the correct dose for medicines. The dosage will depend on your child’s age and weight. It is best to consult a pediatrician.

* For children 2 years and older, you can give acetaminophen and for children 6 months and older, give ibuprofen.

* To relieve fever, use cold compress on your little one’s forehead. There are also fever reducing patches out there which you can use.

* Sick kids feel cold. So if there is a need to give him a bath or sponge bath, use lukewarm water.

* The room where the child rests should not be too hot nor too cold. Even if the child is feeling cold with the chills, avoid over layering the clothes and blankets. The temperature should be on a comfortable level.

* Hydrate. Let the child drink plenty of water.

Well, there you go my loves. I hope everyone is safe. And pray for God’s healing always 🙂

Psalm 30:2

O LORD my God, I called to you for help and you healed me.

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