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Common Cold Remedies For Children

Happy Tuesday my loves…

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It’s the start of the cooler season here in the Philippines and this means that it is also the beginning of the cold epidemic especially for children. Even I was not spared of the cold. I have been having headaches and clogged nose since last week but last night was the worst. I couldn’t sleep because my throat was so itchy and if I could just reach it with my hand, I’ll spend hours scratching it. I know it’s gross but I wouldn’t have second thoughts about it.

Come to think of it, if it was that uncomfortable for a grown up person like me, how much more does our kids suffer, right? So I would like to share with you, my lovely parents, these easy and very effective cold remedies for children:

1. Cliche as it may sound but the kids need plenty of fluid intake. Water is the ultimate remedy for cold. If your kid is water-hater (which I believe many kids are), you can squeeze them some fresh orange juice. Other natural fruit juices will also do.

2. Use steam to prevent clogged nose. Saline nasal spray is very useful too. If you don’t have a vaporiser for the steam, you can improvise. This is how I do it: I heat water in a deep pan and close the lid tightly. Then I let my son sit and then put a blanket over him. I slid inside with the hot water in the pan and right after I open the pan, I put a spoonful of *Vicks vapor rub on the water.

3. Let the child blow his nose very gently to remove mucus. This will help the child breathe easier.

4. Let the child rest. This is very important. It allows the body to recover on its own. In fact, I noticed that most cold syrups or medicines induce sleep. I know as I have taken a few over the past couple of days and I’ve been nodding off at church just last Sunday.

5. Gentle massage will also help the child feel better. Cold can cause serious headache to children and a massage ease the pain.

There you go my loves..I hope these parenting tips will help you and your kids safe and healthy this cold season.


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