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On Having A New Room For The Little One

Happy Monday my loves…


Since yesterday I have been having migraine. I know this is partly because I have my monthly period. This always happen and I don’t know why. And it can also be partly because I am so stressed with the mess inside the house. We are having a minor home renovation. We had changed the tiles flooring on our bathroom – from blue to white. It is actually cool. I used to have a problem with my bathroom floor as the tiles weren’t done properly. The water gets stuck just below the toilet bowl and I have to mop many times a day to keep the floor dry. This is just so tedious for me. So finally, the floor is fixed and I recently bid bye bye to my ever loyal bathroom friend – the mop 🙂

And another thing that we had done in the house is a new bedroom for my little one. I know he should have had his own room years ago but I am just a clingy mommy and I don’t want to sleep without my son beside me.

The room that we made for him is actually an extension of our room. I initially planned to keep the room open so that any time he wants to sleep with us, he can. However, I realized that there should be a door because just in case he doesn’t want to use the room as his bedroom, then I can just make it as my walk in closet.

You see, this is the issue right now. My baby boy doesn’t want the idea of having his own room. He doesn’t like it at all. He wanted to stay with me and his daddy. I don’t really mind except for the fact that our room is not that spacious and we can only fit one big bed which is not enough for the three of us. I wanted to buy him his own bed but there is no more space in the room. I have plenty of drawers and cabinets all around the room.

So this is what I am thinking right now. If ever I can’t convince my little boy to have a room of his own, I’ll just move all my drawers and cabinets inside the new room and make it my own closet. I can even set up a make up space there with matching lights and stuff.

As of now, the room isn’t finished yet. The walls are done and the workers are currently putting the tiles on the floor. I chose light gray tiles for the floor tiles so that I can easily see the dirt. This is how OCD I am when it comes to cleaning. I am also planning to paint the walls white. I am also planning to paint this verse on the wall:

Jeremiah 29:11

11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare[a] and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

I think this is a very good reminder for us to put our hope and faith in HIM alone.

I’ll keep you posted and may probably share some of the pictures of the room after it is done. Enjoy your Tuesday my dear mommies 🙂


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