How To Solve Mealtime Mess [Guest Post]

If you feed your baby by yourself and you are holding the spoon, meals usually don’t end up that messy. But the moment you give your infant the spoon or let him eat some foods with his own hands, the situation may become out of control. Cleaning after every meal can become a tiresome and tricky task for every mum. There are some things you can do to protect your baby’s clothes and the things around him as well as learn your toddler of some discipline.

One thing you can do to protect the clothes of your baby is covering them with a bib. There are bibs that stretch over the entire garment of the baby, which are perfect if he is in the stage of feeding himself. This way you won’t need to wash and change your infant’s clothes after every meal. Some foods like bananas, peaches and others are slick and easily fall all over the place. Dip them in some cereal to be easier to grab and hold.

You can protect your floor from the mealtime mess your baby usually leaves by buying a high chair with mat for food splashes or any floor covering which is easy for cleaning. Shower curtains are very appropriate as they protect very well the room. High chairs are very necessary for providing a clean eating and covers for them are the best way to save as much as possible from the mess your infant usually leaves when eating.

Another way to solve mealtime mess of your baby is using a suction plate or pot, which is protective to some level and restrains the throwing of food parts in the room. Place a little quantity of food in the bowl, in which he eats. The most part of the food keep next to you. This way you can control how much he eats and if he is throwing more than he eats, you can help in his feeding. Use sectioned plates or bowls and arrange his food neatly to your baby or toddler. Give him one pair of utensils and hold the other pair in your hands to help and support him.

baby messImage Source

If your toddler is just starting to eat with spoon, use thicker meals, which will stay in his spoon and don’t splatter in the room. Thicker soups, vegetable or other mashes will stay in your baby’s spoon and be easier eaten. The mess and the regular cleaning and maintenance after the meal is eaten will be less. Before setting his high chair with food be sure that your toddler is hungry. Remove the food the moment he finishes eating.

Some babies start throwing food when they don’t want to eat any more. Teach your babies from early age to show when they have eaten enough. You can teach them to show some signs or say something if they can, instead of throwing their food on the floor and everywhere else. Don’t let your children throw food just for fun. Explain them that you don’t allow this. Some babies throw food when they need attention. You can give them the attention they require by telling some tale during the meal or doing something else they find interesting and amusing. Most babies won’t understand if they are punished because of throwing or spoiling food, so use milder methods and ways to show them you don’t agree with their actions.

Cleaning should be done after the meal is over. If you protect most of the place you will spend less time and efforts in cleaning. If you are prepared and equipped with the right materials for covering most surfaces, you won’t spend most of your time in cleaning after every mealtime mess, that your baby makes.


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