Teaching Kids Responsibility By Chores Challenging [Guest Post]

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Taking care of your family and the house at the same time is probably too hard for you. When you add also the stress of your regular job, the obligations might become unbearable. In moment like these you can turn for help to the other members of your family, and more specially to the kids. When you invite them to participate in the thorough maintenance of the house you will not only win an extra help but will also have the opportunity to teach them to be more responsible and independent.

People often say that parenting is not for everyone and they are probably right because this is a very tough full-time “job”, for which a person needs to have a lot of patience and strength. When rearing children you have to be prepared for anything because their good manners and behaviour are your responsibility. When they are little, they are more curious and therefore more eager to engage in different activities with you, part of which are also the household chores. As they grow up, however, you might find it more and more difficult to make them help you. But it is essential to try to show them that things like the cleaning of their rooms and the washing of the dishes are still important because they will teach them how to be responsible.

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Showing to your kid how to clean the toys, different objects or premises of the house might be difficult at first but with a little time and patience he or she might even like it so much that begin to take the initiative alone. Any form of cleaning will be of great importance for the good education of your son or daughter and will also teach him or her essential qualities like being more assiduous. Here are a couple of ideas that can help you make your kid more responsible through chores challenging:

•Treat your little one as a grown-up – When you give to your kid a certain task like the cleaning of a room, for example, try to be encouraging and show that you really believe in the abilities of your child because he or she is already a grown-up. You can say things like, “You are already 6 years old, I am sure that you will be able to put away your toys all by yourself.”

•Work together – If you and your kid work as a team, this will make the things easier. With you there, your little one will be motivated to show you how much he or she can achieve alone. This will also help you supervise the whole process and, if a problem appears you can deal with it immediately.

•Try to bring out the fun side of the boring tasks – You can turn the cleaning or some other household chore into a game by racing with your kid to see who will finish first. If you also put on some music the things will become even more fun.

•Don’t forget the reward – Giving something to your little one as a symbol of appreciation will motivate him or her even more to continue with the performance of the regular responsibilities and why not even try new ones. For instance, you can make a chart on which you can mark the progress of the work and when everything is completed to buy a new toy, to go somewhere or do something different with your kid.

Trying some of the ideas we have shown you here will make the otherwise dreading process of trying to teach your children to be responsible more pleasant and fun. If you think of some other effective approaches, definitely try them because you are the person who knows your child best.

The article is provided by Olivia Moore who currently works for Tenancy Cleaning SE13. She is a well educated young woman who likes to spend her free time writing and blogging.


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