Get Kids Moving to Their Favourite Music: Fun Game Ideas [Guest Post]

children dancing(Image Source)

During my college years I used to work as a children’s entertainer. I had to think of a number of games for kids to enjoy on various occasions such as birthday parties, Christmas parties and many more. Much of the fun involved dancing. What I learned is that kids have a natural flair for dancing and they don’t really need much encouragement to start shaking to the rhythm of the music.

Everybody loves music and children are not the exception. It is a fabulous way of improving memory, body movement, creativity, understanding for tone and rhythm, and much, much more. However, while most children are passionate about dancing and they start moving soon after they hear the music, others need some encouragement. What would I do when kids were not that much into dancing? I turned dancing into a game! That’s right, the best way to make a child do whatever you want is to make it look like a game.

So, if you are concerned that your offspring is not a “dancoholic”, follow my tips. Here MoveOutCleanLondon Deptford would like to share a few fun games to make your kids dance to the rhythm of the music. Enjoy!

Animal Dance

Make children dance as animals. Create a few cards depicting different animals. Make your kids pick a card and instruct them to dance as the animal shown on the card. They have to dance using small or big movements, depending on the size of the animal. They may make sounds to imitate those of the animal. The animal dance helps to generate creative energy and stimulate your kids’ imagination.

As small ones love playing different roles, this game will definitely appeal to your children. Not to mention, they will be able to get wild without getting punished for it.

Play this game with as many children as you want.

Dance and Freeze

It’s probably the most common dance game played with people of all ages. The rules are: once they play the music, you start dancing; when the music stops, you freeze. However, if someone moves while no music is being played, they will be eliminated. In the end, only one player will win the game.

Many children dislike the idea of losing. Alternatively, you can change the rules of the game and allow more winners. Don’t forget to prepare cookies or some treats for when the game is over.

This game can be played with at least two children.

Dancing with Items

dancing kid

Image Source

Hoops, balloons, pom poms, hats, wigs, ribbons and other props can be used while dancing. Provide several items and make your children pick one to dance with it. After a period of time, they have to pick another prop. The game is over after each child has danced with all the props or when you get tired. I’m telling you, children love this game! They really have lots of fun using various items, throwing them in the air and the like.

This game can be played with one children or more.

Dancing with Each Other

Make your children dance with one another. You need at least two children to play this game. Partner dancing teaches us how to relate to the other person, observe and understand their needs. It also teaches how to cooperate with one another. Making children dance in couples will be both fun and beneficial for them. Sometimes it can be difficult to persuade a child to dance with another one. There are a few ways to trick them into doing what you want, for example, give them a treat, explain them that by refusing to play the game they will spoil everyone’s fun, etc.

And with a little bit of luck you may even involve your children in cleaning by playing another dance game. Just offer them a game in which they have to clean several items while dancing to the music. Divide the house into sections and ask your small ones to pick one. The first one that gathers all the clutter in their area is the winner. See? Cleaning can be fun too. Now go gather your kids and let the games begin!


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