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What’s Going On?

Happy Tuesday my loves..

It’s been a roller coaster ride for me and my family this past few weeks. With everything that’s going on at school and at home, I never had the time to write. So let’s have a quick catch up. Here’s what happened to Kiks this past few weeks:

March was the last month of school. This means that it will the month for projects and examinations too. For those who don’t know yet, I am a super OC mom when it comes to my son’s studies. So I had to review my son everyday. I also had to help him with his school projects. Come on, I believe all students require help from parents in doing school projects, right? After all, who can do all the projects for all the different school subjects and study for major exams at the same time? Who are we kidding?

March is also the month for taking entrance examinations for middle school. My son is starting grade 7 this coming school year so he had to take different entrance examinations from different schools. I want him to have as many options as he can. So this means that everyday we are busy reviewing for the exams and the interviews. Thank God that the results have come through and he passed the exams. The thing is that even if he has passed the exams, we still have to wait for the ranking. This is because the school that we want has a limited number of slots for students.

March was also my son’s graduation month. Finally, he has completed his elementary education with high grades. I am really glad that all his efforts paid off. I’ll share pictures on my next post.

So you see how busy I was my loves. Anyway, I am planning to write more often now. Writing relaxes me. When the stress is too much, writing is my rest 🙂


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