An Open Letter To My Son – On Your New Journey

Dear Vince,

Growing up, I have constantly heard the saying that time flies so fast. Not until today, I didn’t fully realize the meaning of this saying. As you embark on a new journey in your young life, I can’t help but think about how quick time has been. It was just like yesterday when you were a baby clutching on my leg when I first left you in your Nursery classroom and now you have confidently marched on the stage receiving your elementary diploma like a grown man.

Remember when I stayed for the whole two months inside your Nursery room because you kept on crying? I must say I had a hard time but on the other hand, I was cherishing every moment of it because I know that time will come when you will push me out of the classroom lest your friends will tease you as mama’s boy.

When we moved to Australia and you started your preparatory studies there, we were both taken back to the first day of your nursery class. I understand as everything was new and people were speaking in a language different from you. Nevertheless, I was so proud that you held your tears back and bravely went through the day and the days after that.

Going back to the Philippines is another major challenge for you. Just when you have learned to speak the English language like a pro, you were taken back to the place where you have already forgotten the language. Filipino was a pain to teach to you as your tongue seems to be so used to the English language already. But you have shown me such determination to re-learn the language and you did.

I know that you have been too pressured by me and your daddy when it comes to your studies. There was not a night that you can sleep early because we had to review the lessons to make sure you understand them. I know that your attention span as a kid is not that long so you may not have grasped everything that the teacher has taught you in school so we had to review the lessons at home. You may find us very strict but I hope someday you will be able to thank us for doing so. Do you think it does not hurt us to see you so tired? It does but no pain, no gain, right?

As you start with another chapter in your journey, my prayer is that you grow up valuing what is good and rebuking what is not. It is my earnest prayer always that you grow up to be the man that God planned you to be. We are not perfect parents but I pray all the time that God helps us be good parents to you.

During high school years, many children are inclined to confide to their friends rather than their parents. Please don’t do so. Please remember that our ears are always ready to listen. Our hearts are always ready to sympathize. Our hands are always ready to help. We are always here for you.

We love you so much and that will never change.




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