History Of Adidas [Guest Infographic]

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Adidas has always been our favourite brand of shoes and bags especially for my two boys. It’s quite amazing to learn about the history of this brand. Here is an infographic that shows the origin of this brand.
History-of-Adidas - Copy


Fun Summer Activities to Do at Home [Guest Post]

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Via I Heart Nap Time

The kids are home from school and the days are long. How do you keep your kids busy without spending a fortune on amusement parks and trips to the beach or parking them in front of Netflix? Encourage your children to play!

The American Academy of Pediatrics reports that children are playing less than ever. Recess periods have been trimmed or eliminated in schools, same goes for physical education classes. Children are also involved in so many different activities that they rarely have the opportunity for free play. “Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. It allows children to explore the world, practice adult roles, and gain confidence. And it improves children’s social skills as well by helping them to learn how to work in groups, to share, to negotiate, to resolve conflict, and and to learn self-advocacy skills.”

Here are some fun activities that you can do with your family at home to make the most of the summer and foster your child’s social development, all while creating great memories.

Inspire the Next Jackson Pollock!

Do you kids’ eyes light up at the idea of getting messy or creating chaos? Don’t worry, it’s normal! These exploding paint bags are a great outlet for that energy and your driveway makes the perfect canvas. You can make these bags with simple ingredients from your kitchen: zip lock bags, corn starch, vinegar, food coloring, and baking soda. Find directions with measurements for the ingredients here.


Via Growing a Jeweled Rose

Turn Your Garage Into a Laboratory

The summer before I started fourth grade, I spent my days with the neighborhood kids hanging out in the garage performing science experiments. My poor mother had so many “beautiful” wave machines (2-liter bottle, water, oil, food coloring) all over the house. There are a ton of experiments on Science Kids for your kids to try this summer including building volcanoes, making eggs float, and of course, diet coke and mentos! If your kids are into bubbles and you have time to closely supervise, try making “alien” bubbles” with dry ice and bubble solution (pictured).


Via Familylicious

Let Your Kids Get Tattoos

Well, sort of! Allow your kids to indulge their artistic side by making temporary tattoos with watercolor sticks or crayons–the same tools used for face painting at festivals. Dip the tip of the crayon or stick into water and you’re ready to create a masterpiece. The “tattoos” should wash away easily, but even if it takes an extra day, no worries, it’s summer!


Via Pinterest

Care for Backyard Animals

This birdfeeder is so easy to make! All you need are toilet paper rolls, peanut butter, a spreading tool (I would use a plastic butter knife), and birdseed. Once done, hang them on tree branches and observe the birds that visit throughout the summer. A word of caution, your bird feeder may be stolen by squirrels, but it’s worth the laughs.


Via Growing a Jeweled Rose

Cool Off With Sponge Bombs

Water balloons are a summertime staple, but once they burst they are done, and sometimes they hurt! Sponge bombs are a great alternative–soft to the touch and reusable throughout the summer. Watch this video to find out how to make your own sponge bombs.


Via Inner Child Fun

Organize a Scavenger Hunt

Get your kids outside and exploring their natural environment by setting up a scavenger hunt. Involve neighborhood kids if possible to make the competition more exciting. Treat everyone with healthy, homemade popsicles to cool off when they are done.


Via The Taylor House

Finally, You May Want to Create a Schedule

Yes, it’s summer time and you want to be flexible. Busy days will still come up for you though and navigating those days amidst a chorus of, “I’m bored,” can certainly be challenging. Prepare for those days by creating a daily schedule. Your kids will be used to it from school and it will also help ease their transition back to school in the fall. Sure, plans will change, but this will help you stay organized and create a sense of routine for your children. Don’t forget to schedule some quiet time!


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For other tips and tricks, head to Modernize.com.

Mommy And Stress – Should We Always Go Hand In Hand?

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In between end of month works and my son having an infected circumcision, stress has gotten hold of me. Now I realize that being a mommy is no joke. It is a stressful role that can get the best of us.

In my line of work, I have many different bosses. Each has their own tasks for me. Sometimes they all send urgent tasks and I am so stressed as to how to prioritize the tasks knowing that all of them are urgent. But I must say that my bosses are the greatest bosses I have ever known especially when it comes to understanding my shortcomings as an employee. My stress from work comes from my own desire to complete all the tasks assigned to me on the period specified by my bosses. It is like I have set my own work standards that I am now having difficulty achieving. This is just me. I am super obsessive compulsive with everything and so I want everything to be organised and done as early as possible to the point that I push myself to work even on weekends.

About my son’s circumcision, he was circumcised last May 21 and I was expecting complete healing within a week or so. But until now, it is swollen and I am so concerned. I went back to the doctor who did the procedure and she told me that the wound was infected. To treat the infection, my son has to do another 5 days round of a stronger antibiotic and I was also advised to apply topical antibiotic on the sutured wound. Past a day after the follow up check-up, somehow my son is feeling a bit better. For the past 6 days, he has been complaining of the pain and the waking up several times early in the morning. But last night, he slept throughout the night and woke up before 9am just before he takes his medicine. This is somehow a relief for me as I was super worried. As you know, my son is my one and only. This is the reason why I am over protective of him and when he is in pain or uncomfortable, I feel more pain. His healing is my priority in my prayer and I believe that God, my trusted and proven healer, has his healing power working on him now.

Stress and I, should we always go together? I don’t want to be friends with stress. But I think for us mommies, stress has somehow the right to take over our lives in one way or another. I am currently searching for ways to reduce stress primarily to help me cope up with all the stressful things in my life. I will share them to you on my next post.

For the meantime, let me get back to work. I blog to de-stress and somehow this post has helped me relaxed a bit 🙂

Bridesmaid Dresses – My Top 3 Favourites [Sponsored Post]

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June is the season of weddings. While it may not be as romanticised as February or December, June is a usual choice for wedding month.

And because it is almost June, I started getting into the wedding vibes and looked around for beautiful bridesmaid dresses. I am happily married so there’s no point looking for wedding gowns. But married as I am, I can still be a beautiful bridesmaid right? So I searched for gorgeous bridesmaid dresses and here’s my top 3 favourites:

Top 3

au-elegant-a-line-bateau-straps-ruching-floor-length-chiffon-bridesmaid-dresses-1555Image Source

How gorgeous is this? The colour is what made me choose this one. Gray has always been close to my heart.

Top 2

au-elegant-a-line-straps-v-neck-ruching-hand-made-flowers-floor-length-chiffon-bridesmaid-dresses-2668Image Source

This has a goddess feel to it, don’t you think? I love the flower accent on one side of the strap. Simplicity is beauty and this is amazingly beautiful.

Top 1

au-elegant-a-line-strapless-beading-ruching-floor-length-chiffon-bridesmaid-dresses-1484Image Source

The moment I saw this, I immediately fell inlove with this bridesmaid dress. This is just so me. The colour and the style depicts my idea of elegance and beauty.

There you have it my loves, my top 3 bridesmaid dresses. I have a lot of single girl friends so I am not losing hope that one day, I can be as gorgeous as these ladies here.

Why Do Men Cheat?

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Society tells us that men are superior compared to women. But I beg to disagree. Men are weak and this is the very reason why they cheat. Come to think of it, if they are as strong as they think they are, why would they need a number of women to make them feel better about themselves? Whereas, women are strong. We don’t need other men to make us feel that we are strong – one man in our lives is enough.

Men are insecure beings. They are not contented with what they have and so they seek for more. If a man is happy with his wife and his family, there is no reason to look for anyone else. Cheating is a result of insecurity. They want to feel secured. They want to re-assure themselves that they are superior and that they can do anything they want. This gives them a false sense of security.

Given the chance, men will always grab the opportunity to cheat. This is not something that most women will take advantage of. Why do you think there are a lot of magazines and websites that promote obscenity? Because publishers know that men are not strong enough to resist looking – and in most cases, turning page after page. Apparently, one page is not enough. And no matter how hard I try to convince myself that this is part of being a man, I still firmly believe that this is already a form of cheating.

I may come across to you as a sexist but I am not. I am merely telling you what is obvious that we seem to overlook. I understand that not all men are the same. There are those who remain loyal to their wives no matter how strong the temptation may be. And I truly admire these men. I give a shout out to all men who have stood up for what they believe in and who have fought temptations to preserve the love.

And let me also correct myself for generalizing. I should have used “some men” instead of “men” for the sake of being fair. I’m sorry.

So where are all these thoughts coming from? Since it’s women’s day last Friday, I just happened to feel empathy for the plight of women who have been cheated on by their husbands. There are many articles online that we can all relate to as women. And although it may not have personally happened to us, we still can’t help but feel the sincerest empathy for these women.

And my advice? Men who cheat are not worth our love 🙂 Happy women’s day my loves 🙂