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Bridesmaid Dresses – My Top 3 Favourites [Sponsored Post]

Happy Tuesday my loves….

June is the season of weddings. While it may not be as romanticised as February or December, June is a usual choice for wedding month.

And because it is almost June, I started getting into the wedding vibes and looked around for beautiful bridesmaid dresses. I am happily married so there’s no point looking for wedding gowns. But married as I am, I can still be a beautiful bridesmaid right? So I searched for gorgeous bridesmaid dresses and here’s my top 3 favourites:

Top 3

au-elegant-a-line-bateau-straps-ruching-floor-length-chiffon-bridesmaid-dresses-1555Image Source

How gorgeous is this? The colour is what made me choose this one. Gray has always been close to my heart.

Top 2

au-elegant-a-line-straps-v-neck-ruching-hand-made-flowers-floor-length-chiffon-bridesmaid-dresses-2668Image Source

This has a goddess feel to it, don’t you think? I love the flower accent on one side of the strap. Simplicity is beauty and this is amazingly beautiful.

Top 1

au-elegant-a-line-strapless-beading-ruching-floor-length-chiffon-bridesmaid-dresses-1484Image Source

The moment I saw this, I immediately fell inlove with this bridesmaid dress. This is just so me. The colour and the style depicts my idea of elegance and beauty.

There you have it my loves, my top 3 bridesmaid dresses. I have a lot of single girl friends so I am not losing hope that one day, I can be as gorgeous as these ladies here.


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