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Mommy And Stress – Should We Always Go Hand In Hand?

Happy Wednesday my loves…

In between end of month works and my son having an infected circumcision, stress has gotten hold of me. Now I realize that being a mommy is no joke. It is a stressful role that can get the best of us.

In my line of work, I have many different bosses. Each has their own tasks for me. Sometimes they all send urgent tasks and I am so stressed as to how to prioritize the tasks knowing that all of them are urgent. But I must say that my bosses are the greatest bosses I have ever known especially when it comes to understanding my shortcomings as an employee. My stress from work comes from my own desire to complete all the tasks assigned to me on the period specified by my bosses. It is like I have set my own work standards that I am now having difficulty achieving. This is just me. I am super obsessive compulsive with everything and so I want everything to be organised and done as early as possible to the point that I push myself to work even on weekends.

About my son’s circumcision, he was circumcised last May 21 and I was expecting complete healing within a week or so. But until now, it is swollen and I am so concerned. I went back to the doctor who did the procedure and she told me that the wound was infected. To treat the infection, my son has to do another 5 days round of a stronger antibiotic and I was also advised to apply topical antibiotic on the sutured wound. Past a day after the follow up check-up, somehow my son is feeling a bit better. For the past 6 days, he has been complaining of the pain and the waking up several times early in the morning. But last night, he slept throughout the night and woke up before 9am just before he takes his medicine. This is somehow a relief for me as I was super worried. As you know, my son is my one and only. This is the reason why I am over protective of him and when he is in pain or uncomfortable, I feel more pain. His healing is my priority in my prayer and I believe that God, my trusted and proven healer, has his healing power working on him now.

Stress and I, should we always go together? I don’t want to be friends with stress. But I think for us mommies, stress has somehow the right to take over our lives in one way or another. I am currently searching for ways to reduce stress primarily to help me cope up with all the stressful things in my life. I will share them to you on my next post.

For the meantime, let me get back to work. I blog to de-stress and somehow this post has helped me relaxed a bit 🙂


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