Pride And Same Sex Marriage – My Opinion

Happy Monday my loves…

Recently, the United States has legalized same sex marriage. We all have different opinions when it comes to this issue. Given the freedom of speech that we have, I believe I have the right to speak out what I think about “Pride” and same sex marriage.

The term “Pride” itself is not something to be proud of. It is a capital sin and the father of all sins. It is because of pride that the devil wanted to be like God. It is pride that pushes people to think highly of themselves and feel that they don’t need God. It is pride that stops us from admitting our sins and asking for forgiveness. Pride is a negative word that people are now associating with something that they think is beautiful. Truly, the truth is compromised.

God created man and woman. Marriage is a union between a man and a woman. God created Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve. With same sex marriage, the holiness of marriage is compromised. The Bible is very clear about the detestable act of lying with same sex.


The Bible declares same sex relationship and marriage as an abomination. This is the very reason why Sodom and Gomorrah was wiped out from existence. I believe the United States is calling for another Sodom and Gomorrah event to happen anytime soon.

Having been raised as a Christian, I firmly believe that God’s design is fool proof. God designed marriage to be between a man and a woman because this is the perfect union. How do you expect people to procreate through same sex marriage? God commanded people to procreate and same sex marriage is stopping people from doing God’s command.

With all the ungodly things that are happening in the world, I believe God is on the brink of destroying the world and we are not doing anything to appease his anger. These people are actually fueling God’s anger.

Don’t get me wrong. I have gay friends and I love them as a person. As they say, love the sinner but hate the sin. I love my friends and I pray for a change of heart for them. I don’t believe in pride and same sex marriage but I believe in the power of Christ to change the hearts of people.

Don’t be fooled my loves. What future awaits our children’s virtues? They will grow up thinking that pride and same sex relationships are right. I am raising a God fearing Christian boy and I pray that God seal his heart and mind from the mental and physical corruption of the world. I pray that parents will be more vigilant with this issue. This is not something that will be good for our children. While I can’t do anything about this law, at least I can do something with how I raise my son.