Are Tinderas The New Big Boss?

Happy Saturday my loves…

I can’t help but wonder if business owners know about the attitude of their tinderas. Have you ever experienced buying from a particular shop and the tindera acts as if she owns the shop and she doesn’t need customers? Many times, I have experienced this. So it made me asked myself, are tinderas the new big boss?

8sNfTImage Source

Last night, we took the kids to the cinema to watch the overly popularized “Minions” movie. It was okay but I understood only a quarter of it. Why? Because I don’t talk the Minion language. They were all babbling words that only they could understand. It would have been helpful if there was a subtitle. There were funny moments and I must admit the minions are too cute to ignore.

Anyway, the flow of the story is that they were looking for a despicable big boss. Someone who is a badass. Their search led them to Scarlet Overkill and eventually to young Gru, who became their big boss for the movies “Despicable Me” and “Despicable Me 2”.

Upon an encounter with an overly despicable tindera, it came to me that who the minions were looking for is just around here all the time. She wasn’t in England, India, or Germany. The tindera is just here in Albay. The tindera can easily fit the requirements for the big boss.

I hope business owners become more involved in their businesses. Random visits or even mystery shopping is a good way to keep track of how your tinderas deal with your customers. Some tinderas simply don’t care about the business as long as they are paid their day’s wage.

Some of them can leave traumatic experience to customers like me. I would never buy from the same shop again as long as the despicable tindera is there. I would not subject myself to humiliation and disrespect. There are other shops with accommodating tinderas. I’d rather go there.

I am not generalizing all tinderas here. One bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch. And this post is merely a case of thinking out loud after my experience.

Have an awesome weekend my loves 🙂


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