Your Guide To A Slimmer, Fitter, And Better You! [Guest Post]

Right now is the perfect time to get in shape, get healthy, and feel the full benefits of living life with wellness in mind. After all, theres never too early a time to start a new diet and exercise regime. In order to see results faster, we suggest following through with these ten top tips from the experts.

  1. Choose an exercise or activity that appeals to you.

If youve had a hard time sticking to a commitment to working out before, then you may have been choosing the wrong way to break a sweat. Going to a gym isnt the only way to work out, after all. Many people who hate the gym love to dance, do yoga, or even hit the court. The more you enjoy your exercise, the more youll want to do it, which will turn into better results over a shorter course of time.


  1. Enlist the help of other like-minded people.

Truthfully, not everyone you know will actually want you to lose too much weight, because it will make them feel bad about themselves. What you should do is look for other people who want to lose weight, and team up together. Good exercise buddies can offer you the kind of positive peer pressure and moral support you need to get rid of those last couple of pounds.

  1. Don’t be afraid to push yourself to your limits.

Assuming you are working out under the watchful eye of an experienced spotter, trainer, or professional, you should never be scared to try something new. A new pose, a demanding stretch, or even a brand new exercise routine might just be the challenge you need.


  1. Have reasonable expectations about the results you want.

Everything thats worth working towards will take time and effort. Just because youre brand new to a sport now doesnt mean that you wont get the hang of it at all. In order to see results and feel the progress youve made, youre going to have to stick to your new routine for more than just a week. Be reasonable about expectations, and dont quit!

  1. Eat healthy foods, in healthy portions.

Exercise alone doesnt yield the same results as diet and exercise combined. In fact, most experts will tell you that you cant fully exercise away bad diet habits. If you want to get healthy, strong, and slim, youre going to need to start working on your diet, too. As long as its well-balanced and done in reasonable portions, you will lose weight quickly.

  1. Buy quality workout clothing.

Nothing is more awkward, nor more uncomfortable, than trying to exercise in inappropriate gear. Whether its a matter of comfort, of range of motion, or the materials ability to breathe,the wrong sportswear can ruin your desire to continue working out. On the other hand, sportswear that actually flatters you may boost your self-esteem and even become a reason to hit the gym.


  1. When in doubt, ask advice from people who have been there and done that.

Its easy to feel lost about how to achieve wellness, but in all reality, you should never feel lost. There are many groups who can help you get fitter, including personal trainers and people who have successfully kept off weight. Just ask the right people, and youll get great advice. (Hint: Most of the right people will never try to sell you supplements.)

  1. Be forgiving of yourself if you mess up.

A surprising amount of people will binge on food for a day, or skip a day at the gym, then get discouraged, and quit. Dont be that person. Instead, forgive yourself, and remind yourself that tomorrow is another day. Love yourself, and let that positive attitude translate into an awesome course of action!

  1. Don’t forget to stretch before you exercise!

Stretching has been proven to help prevent sports injuries in athletes. It only takes 5 to 15 minutes to get fully stretched out, but it can prevent sprains and falls. Besides, theres nothing wrong with being a little limber, right?


  1. Keep your body and mind in mind.

Health and strength isnt just about having a slim body. Its also about having a positive outlook, less stress, and making the right life decisions for you. By having a healthy attitude, a sharp mind, and a sleek physique, you are helping yourself life live to the fullest in more ways than one.

Author Bio: Style guru Regina shares her knowledge of the fashion industry to men and women alike to help keep them up to date with the latest trends. Catch more of her advice on the The Upside blog.