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The Fix Your Eyes On The Eternal

I have just finished my daily Bible reading. Today, I read in 1 John chapter 2.


I really believe that verse 17 is a good reminder for us all to fix our eyes on things that will last forever. What is the use of spending everything that we have on things that will be just be around for a while? Wouldn’t it be just a waste of time?

So what are the things that are eternal? Our soul, our salvation, and our relationship with the Lord are eternal. These are the things that we should be working on.

Of course we should still take care of our families, do our work, and enjoy fellowship with other people. But let us not forget that as we do these temporal things, we should be very careful not to ignore the eternal things. We should always set aside time for the Lord. We should not spend all our resources on the things of the world. 

I hope this verse reminds you as good as it reminded me to keep my eyes fixed on the eternal. 


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