Stress Coloring For Adults

Stress is a silent killer. Overthinkers like me are very prone to stress. When I am bothered with a thought, it stays with me for a long time.

I have been hearing about stress coloring for adults. On my recent trip to Australia, I’ve been to a local bookstore and I saw the adult coloring book that I wanted but the tag price hindered me from buying. It was around $30 to $50 which I think is too much for a 50 page coloring book. 

Anyway, imagine my happiness when I saw this book from my local shop here in the Philippines.

And guess how much it is? It is way too cheap compared to its Aussie counterpart. This one is only php149 which is roughly about $5. Oh the joy of saving!

So my journey to stress coloring starts. I didn’t realize how hard it is to color the pages. There are just so many details. Here’s my first page:

I’m not yet done but the closer I get to seeing the finished product, the more stress free I become. 

Have you tried this my loves? I strongly suggest it not only if you have extra time but also if you just want to relax in between tedious work. 


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