Telstra Philippines – Internet Hope For Filipinos

The internet is more of a necessity than a luxury nowadays. For work, school projects, and maintaining long distance relationships, the internet plays a vital role.

About 3 years ago, the country’s two giant telecommunication companies have been providing excellent internet services along with their usual call and text offers. But lately, many Filipinos have been complaining about their lousy service. They used to have excellent services but then along with the slow internet connection (I am talking about dial up speed here friends..I mean  0.20 kbps when you reach the data cap limit…seriously!), they both started data capping which pushed many people to hate these telcos. 15g a month data cap? Are you kidding me? Between these two internet providers, which do you think fair’s better?

But then this news that brings new hope arises. Is Telstra going to infiltrate Philippine’s telecommunications industry? In case you don’t know yet, Telstra is Australia’s largest telecommunication company. Telstra will be partnering with San Miguel to deliver the telecommunication and internet service that they feel the Filipinos deserve. According to news, Telstra is about to spend $1B for this Philippine telco venture.

The promise of no data cap and internet speed of up to 100 MB is enough to give bloggers like me hope of a better blogging and internet experience. This is unverified report but I’ve been hearing that this is what they will be offering: Php 2000 a month for unlimited internet with a speed of 100MB. If this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up anymore.

Come now Telstra, millions of Filipinos are waiting. We are so ready for faster internet with no capping!


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