Summer Kuwentos

Happy Thursday my loves…

It’s been a month since Summer has officially kicked in but I haven’t been truly maximizing it yet. First, I’ve got loads of work piled up. Second, it’s just too hot to plan anything outdoor. Third, it’s not cheap to go out.

But it’s not zero activity naman for the family. There are also a bit of activities here and there that we did and hopefully the kids enjoyed. The idea here is not really to make the activity so lavish but to make it extra memorable. We are creating memories here and not just killing time right? Anyway, here are some of our summer kuwentos (stories):

La Edley Swimming

Few days before Holy Week, we went swimming with the kids. It was a quick one, perhaps a couple of hours only. We went to La Edley Resort. We intentionally went there before the Holy Week because we know that resorts or pools for this matter, can actually become too crowded during Holy Week. As in kadiri na sometimes to dip because the water has already magically turned to opaque instead of the usual transparent. The day we went swimming, it was raining. Not that hard naman but hard enough for Mom and our baby to stay in the cottage. We don’t want the baby to get sick. She’s only like a little below a year, so ingat ingat din.

Casa Mamita Island Hopping

We went to Casa Mamita, a resort in Badian, Oas. What’s super kaloka here is the travel time. Oas is supposed to be an hour trip from Legazpi only but Badian is located at the end of the world. At least it feels like that. Endless road is all that we see. Couple and a half hours after, we finally reached the resort. We actually found this resort on Facebook. I must say, it is overrated. As in!




We were a group of 15 people. We were accommodated in a villa with 2 beds and 2 spare single mattresses. Hello!!!! 15 kami teh! After talking to the staff, we were given another 2 single mattresses. Not that bad anymore as we have kids naman with us so they won’t be using a lot of space in the bed anyway. There was like an attic there and that is where they put the extra mattresses. Scary because we have to sleep there and the floor was only made from a thin plywood. I am not that confident it can carry our weight. But it did!

Did we enjoy our stay? 50% we did. We went island hopping, sunrise is a fantastic view, and we also went night swimming at their infinity pool. The staff are accommodating and they go out of their way to make sure that we are okay. So why 50% only? Because the other 50% is a failure. And it is because of the accommodation which is not that clean, we ran out of water just as we are about to shower after our night swimming, and the food is pangmaharlika. Imagine pansit na almost half a kilo cost 900 pesos! OVER!


Sumlang Lake

There is also a lake popularized by Facebook today. It is Sumlang Lake in Camalig, Albay. We went there last week. It was okay and the view is amazing; however, we probably went there too early as it was super hot that time. I think the perfect time to be there is around 4pm. The sunset view I imagine to be breathtaking. In Sumlang Lake, you can stay in one of the floating cottages. For one hour, the charge is 200 pesos. Not that bad at all. But because it was too hot when we were there (around 2:30pm), we were literally begging for the staff to take us back to the land!


These are some of the things we have done so far. I am hoping we can do more before Summer ends. I’ll make kwento when that happens 🙂