Unsolicited Blog Analysis – Link Exchange?

Hi there my loves!

I don’t deny that this blog is nothing compared to other top ranking blogs that you will find on the internet. I am in no competition with other blogs. I have set up this blog to express my thoughts and share my experiences with you.

Once in a while I do get emails from other websites and blogs asking if I can do some product review and post an article or infographic for them. I don’t mind doing these as I’d love to share my space to other websites with content I deemed good enough to share.

Yesterday though I received a link exchange request from some blog from NYC. I don’t do link exchange because it is against the Google guidelines of good SEO practices. So I have informed the person about this and guess what?

He replied that my blog has lower traffic and ranking compared to his website! What the heck? If that’s the case, why did you contact me? I would hurt your ranking even more if you have better ranking than mine! So why contact me and give me that unsolicited blog analysis? And stop doing black hat techniques!

I don’t care if my traffic is not as high as yours. I am not a commercial blog. This is a personal blog which I use as an avenue to share my thoughts.

Good luck on your site and hopefully one day you will be on the top with all your black hat antics!



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