How to Grow Your Hair Back After Pregnancy

Isn’t it the most annoying thing in the world when you have just gone through the pain and the stress of giving birth, and you come out of it thinking that it’s over, but it’s not? This can be the case for thousands of women out there who experience post-partum baldness. According to leading hair loss treatment providers, this is a condition where the body, in response to the trauma you suffered during your pregnancy, kills off your hair cells. This can lead to hair fall, loss, and possible baldness. This is completely temporary, but can still be another cause of stress you simply don’t need right now. Here are some useful ways to avoid losing more hair and to try and grow back what you’ve lost right now.

Stop Doing the Turban Thing

As women, we love wrapping our hair in the towel after a shower to get rid of all the water and look pretty awesome while doing it. However, wrapping your wet hair in the towel, twisting it, and moving it everywhere can be very bad for your hairline. In fact, the state of your hair right now following your pregnancy means it is extremely likely to just break off. All your body’s nutrition is being siphoned off to make milk, plus you’re dealing with so much stress. This towel treatment will increase how much of your hair breaks off every day. Having a turban without twisting your hair in the towel is no better – anything that stretches your hair can break it quite easily. Comb your hair out after your shower instead, or try breaking out the blow-dryer.

Get Rid of Ponytails

You’ve probably seen the Mommy Makeover websites with the pretty young things running on a treadmill with their hair in a ponytail. Well, actual post-partum weight loss and the rest of it isn’t nearly as clean as that. Don’t do your hair up in a ponytail. These hairdos truly do pull your hairline back to the point that in their weakened state they simply break off and die. You can try using clips and headbands if you want to work out while mothering your newborn. Just avoid any hairstyles that put stress on your weakened hairs.

Do Away with the Ends

Almost all hair breakage starts when your ends begin to split. Split ends can be treated by trimming the hairs with them regularly. This keeps the rest of the hair healthy and strong (or as strong as they can be right now). You should also look into conditioning treatments with natural conditioners, either with your hair stylist or at home alone. The salon can be a little hard to fit into the schedule what with the rest of your new tasks at home.

Getting your hair to stop being so flimsy is hard when you’re a new mom. However, you can prevent it from breaking apart in your hands every time you touch it. The key to growing your hair back after pregnancy is to stop letting it fall in the first place!

Great Travel Ideas for Valentine’s Day

As the day of love gets closer, there are a number of things you can do to make a great Valentine’s Day for both you and your loved one. Step up the regular dinner date or night out with a bit of travel for the two of you and go somewhere special!


Cruises can be a great trip idea for a couple, because you get to be isolated on a ship for as long as you can go! This means that the two of you can enjoy time to yourselves while also enjoying the amenities and activities on the ship. While it may be a big ship, if you go just the two of you, it can be like just the two of you are there.

You can enjoy romantic, isolated evenings on your own. You can get dinner together, spend time in your cabin alone,  and time out doing other activities available. There are a wide range of activities available on cruise ships, some of which are specifically geared towards couples. Even ones that aren’t can be great for couples. No matter what you like to do, you’ll be sure to find something fun and exciting to do.

Ski Lodge/Cabin

A ski lodge or cabin can also make a great romantic getaway for a couple. It provides privacy and intimacy, and depending on where you go, it can also have a stunning view. On top of making for a romantic and private trip for Valentine’s Day, it gives you a chance to enjoy activity and adventure while doing so. If you’re more interested in activities than relaxing, you can combine the best of both worlds by enjoying a weekend or few nights at a ski resort or cabin.

Property Booking Websites

Enjoying an extravagant trip like a cruise or ski resort isn’t always necessary though, you are just as likely to have an enjoyable time renting a private property out using a service like Airbnb or something similar. The great part about getting something like this is that it’s much more affordable than some other travel options.

These types of trips also offer you privacy and intimacy. They gives you a chance to be alone and go at your own pace, allowing you the freedom to do what you want with your time together. You can pick a location with a great view and enjoy a night of privacy together. You can spend the day before and after exploring the local area and visiting destinations nearby. If you want to just stay in and enjoy your time together, don’t bother leaving at all.

These various property booking websites, such as Airbnb and, offer affordable, cute, and intimate properties for you and your partner to share. You can create a private, romantic vacation from home that still offers you the freedom to do what you want with your time and relax.

Make this Valentine’s Day special by stepping up your typical celebration by traveling together. Instead of the traditional dinner and jewelry, create lasting memories by going on a vacation together, enjoying an intimate experience together.

6th Week – Pregnancy and Heartburn

It’s my 6th week of pregnancy and I have been experiencing heartburn. Since the first few weeks of my pregnancy, I always feel bloated. I have done a few readings and I learned that heartburn is to be expected in early pregnancy. My stomach feels really hard and I keep on burping.

There are foods to avoid during pregnancy. These foods trigger acid reflux. But in my experience, everything that I eat causes heartburn! What to eat now????

If you are pregnant too and experiencing what I am going through, here are some information that will help you better understand the reasons behind heartburn in early pregnancy. I found them really helpful and hopefully, you learn from them too.

In early pregnancy, heartburn is caused by the hormone progesterone, which relaxes the uterine muscles to fit your growing baby – and also relaxes the valve between the esophagus and the stomach. –


One of the key contributing factors to experiencing more gas during pregnancy is the increased levels of progesterone. Progesterone is a hormone that causes the muscles throughout your body to relax. … This allows gas to build up easier and creates bloating,burping and of course flatulence. –

Heartburn (also called acid indigestion or acid reflux) is a burning sensation that often extends from the bottom of the breastbone to the lower throat. It’s caused by some of the hormonal and physical changes in your body. During pregnancy, the placenta produces the hormone progesterone, which relaxes the smooth muscles of the uterus. This hormone also relaxes the valve that separates the esophagus from the stomach, allowing gastric acids to seep back up, which causes that unpleasant burning sensation. Progesterone also slows down the wavelike contractions of your esophagus and intestines, making digestion sluggish. Later in pregnancy, your growing baby crowds your abdominal cavity, pushing the stomach acids back up into the esophagus. –

Remember the old wives tale that heartburn causes hairy baby? Well, this is me right now:

Image result for acid reflux early pregnancy meme

Well, let’s see if the heartburn will go away in the next few weeks. I’ll keep you posted.






5th Week – Pregnancy Surprise

What a surprise when I found out I was expecting last Feb 28. I had a one day spotting on February and as I realized it was already the end of the month, I was scared I might have some sort of physical illness so I planned to get checked the next day. I told my husband maybe I should do a pregnancy test first to rule out pregnancy from my reasons of missed period. We were totally not expecting pregnancy because after 14 years, who would have thought this will be a possibility?

So I took the pregnancy test almost a hundred percent sure it will be negative but to my surprise, it was positive! I was shocked and didn’t know what to say. Equally shocked was my husband, my son, and the rest of my family! I think I’m too old to still get pregnant. I am 35 and God has a surprising way of putting me on the last trip to motherhood.

So to confirm the result, we went to 2 Ob-gynes. Yes, I really wanted to make sure. I had 2 ultrasounds too which I realized may not be good for the baby but what’s done has been done. Anyway, here is the image of the ultrasound I had.img_6484

The baby is not yet visible as it is too early. On my first ultrasound, I was told that there was no baby yet, it was just the amniotic sac. The second ultrasound I had was transvaginal and I think it showed clearer result. The little white spot inside the black circle is apparently the tiny heartbeat of the baby. It was too early to actually see something.

From the ultrasound, it was determined that I am on the fifth week of pregnancy. I haven’t had any major discomfort. I feel a little sick in the morning, like I have a fever or stuffed nose but apart from that there is nothing major discomfort that I feel.

I was asked to take folic acid and hormone replacement supplement which I always forget to take. Perhaps this is one of the effects of pregnancy, I am more forgetful now.

I was also asked to drink pregnancy milk which is such a pain to take. I don’t like the taste but hey, I have to do it, right?

I don’t have any food cravings but my son was craving for pasta yesterday. Is it possible that he’s the one craving for me? I remember when I was pregnant with my son, my husband was the one craving for food and not me. It’s an old wives tale that if you walk over someone during pregnancy, that person will be the one craving and not you. I know there is no logic to it but who knows? LOL

This has all been a surprise to me and I hope to document my journey to help expectant mothers too. We can all learn from each other.

Why You Should Rent Out Your First Home

So, you’re looking for your very first home to buy and live in. Maybe you should put the thought of living in it aside and consider renting it out instead. Investment properties are a very lucrative market right now, according to More people are deciding to purchase homes in order to rent them out as soon as they do. Now, the majority buys their first home (and sometimes their second) before investing in a property like this. You should seriously think about starting before this. Here’s why investing in real estate for rent early on is a good option.

You’re Young, Wild, and Free

As a young person, the feeling of independence is exhilarating, to say the least. You are finally the master of your own destiny. You make the rules, no one else. You can live wherever you feel like living, buy whatever you want to, and go wherever the world takes you. However, this freedom can start to taste a little stale pretty fast, especially when deep down you know that you want something else.

You could take all the money that you’re spending on temporary pleasures right now and spend it on an investment in your future. You can start saving and building your credit right now – it isn’t as impossible a task as you might think. Both these actions will help you be more eligible for mortgages in the future. While the life you’re living right now might be fun, battening the hatches and saving hard can make for a ton of secure fun in the future.

Investing in Property Right Now Saves Money

Home prices are constantly on the rise, aren’t they? Every time you do research, that’s the one theme that recurs every single time. The cost of living is increasing like never before. However, there are many people who haven’t been able to afford the cost of living and have had their homes foreclosed. These homes are sold at auction by the banks that repossessed them to the highest bidder. The sales are fast and easy, and the prices are significantly less than their actual value because banks want liquid assets. You could purchase a foreclosed house as an investment property for a low price, as long as you check it and make sure you can afford it first.

Extra Income is Always Welcome

When you start renting your first house out, you get to supplement your income with more. The profits are vast, and allow you to pay off debts you didn’t think you could. You can even use the rent payments to help pay off the mortgage on the house, killing two birds with one stone and setting you up for ownership of a mortgage-free property in the future.

People are moving to the suburbs more often today. You have the opportunity to capitalize on it by allowing your first house purchase to be a rental. Consider the many benefits, weigh them against the risks, and make the right choice for yourself and your bank account today.


Where Lawyers Do What They Do

No two lawyers are the same. In TV and movies, you see them all doing the same thing each time. They are always running to trials and standing in front of juries. Most lawyers only go to trial when necessary. There are many places for them to work and many specialities they work in their fields. From personal injury lawyers at firms like and more, the diversity is vast indeed.

    1. The Different Specializations of Lawyers

There is a specialization in law that enables an attorney to work trials alone. In trial law, this can be either civil or criminal in nature. There is also appellate law, which allows them to help you out, if you are appealing a decision made by a court of justice. Other specializations include bankruptcy law, real estate law, trust law, tax law, communication, employment, labor, environment, healthcare, immigration, and much more. As many as there are cases in court, there are branches of law to deal with them too.

    1. Private Practice Lawyers

Almost all lawyers work in a private practice or firm. Many of these lawyers work on their own, having started a practice right after law school. Others tend to work in small enterprises with less than twenty lawyers first. The majority of lawyers work in businesses that employ hundreds of agents with multiple branches across the country. An associate is a newly hired lawyer. As they get cases and wins, they work their way up the ladder towards partnership.

Nearly all lawyers’ company eligibility is determined by how much they bring to the firm’s coffers.  They recognized that achievement through their maximized billable hours. They keep a record book that displays how much they billed their clients each day.

    1. Special In-House Attorneys

Some lawyers are employed solely by one client. They work in-house for that person. These lawyers are usually hired by large enterprises to handle any and all legal issues related to the business. The legal department in a larger company is typically pretty big, so lawyers from different specializations are hired to make a well-rounded team of attorneys who can tackle nearly any case that pops up.

Most in-house advocates gain their clients due to their experience working with them while at a firm. If they do their jobs well enough at this time, the company can ask them to work for them in-house. This is a very coveted position because the lawyers who work in this way don’t have to log billable hours – they are regularly paid by the company that hires them.

One last type of lawyer is the government agent. These are the attorneys employed by federal and state offices like the District Attorney’s Office. They are usually prosecutors in cases of “The People v. XXXXXXX”. These attorneys are also selected to represent clients in court trials where the defendant can’t afford a lawyer of their own. These aren’t the only places where legal advisers  work, of course, but they are the most common.

I’d Rather Have Few Friends

Love Heart Friendship Trust Feeling Eternity

Contrary to what other people may think, I don’t have a lot of friends. Yes I have quite a handful of people in my circle but I wouldn’t really consider them as my friends. Acquaintances maybe, but not friends.

Last night’s devotion with the family involved the story of Jonathan and David. In the Bible, their friendship is ideal. When Jonathan helped David escape the wrath of Saul, it was genuine friendship that urged him to. I don’t have a lot of Jonathan in my life. I know of only a few people who would go beyond their comfort zone to help me. There are a lot of people who would be happy to laugh with me but not a lot would cry with me.

As we were discussing, I told my son to choose his friends wisely. I asked him to pray for the gift of discernment so he will know who his real friends are and who are hiding behind fake smiles. There are a lot of users in this world and without the gift of discernment, it is just so easy for us to fall prey to their sweet lies.

I’d rather have a few true friends than to have heaps of fake friends. And this is what I want my son to do as well. One true friend is better than a thousand fake ones.


Dealing With The Trying Times

Whoever said that life is easy surely has not lived yet. While life can be joyful, inspiring, fun, and hopeful; it can be sorrowful, depressing, and hopeless at the same time. There are always two sides to a coin. And at my age, I can say that I have already caught a glimpse of both sides.

How do you deal with the trying times? How do you face the other side?

A cheerful person like myself is often thought to be worry free. I somehow manage to flash a smile no matter what my situation is. But psychology says that people who laugh all the time are the saddest inside. I wonder if this is true to all. Yes I am sad at times. I feel disappointed many times. But I wonder if I am extremely sad deep down and I just don’t know it.

I am the type of person who choose to ignore the negatives. I choose to linger on the positives. The trying times can’t get the best of me. This is how I deal with it.


I came across a powerful message just now. It says “If you see the size of the blessing that’s coming, you will understand the magnitude of the battle you are fighting”. With everything that I am going through, I could just imagine the humongous blessing that is coming my way. I am hopeful.

How about you? How do you deal with trying times?

Keep hopeful my loves.

Summer Kuwentos

Happy Thursday my loves…

It’s been a month since Summer has officially kicked in but I haven’t been truly maximizing it yet. First, I’ve got loads of work piled up. Second, it’s just too hot to plan anything outdoor. Third, it’s not cheap to go out.

But it’s not zero activity naman for the family. There are also a bit of activities here and there that we did and hopefully the kids enjoyed. The idea here is not really to make the activity so lavish but to make it extra memorable. We are creating memories here and not just killing time right? Anyway, here are some of our summer kuwentos (stories):

La Edley Swimming

Few days before Holy Week, we went swimming with the kids. It was a quick one, perhaps a couple of hours only. We went to La Edley Resort. We intentionally went there before the Holy Week because we know that resorts or pools for this matter, can actually become too crowded during Holy Week. As in kadiri na sometimes to dip because the water has already magically turned to opaque instead of the usual transparent. The day we went swimming, it was raining. Not that hard naman but hard enough for Mom and our baby to stay in the cottage. We don’t want the baby to get sick. She’s only like a little below a year, so ingat ingat din.

Casa Mamita Island Hopping

We went to Casa Mamita, a resort in Badian, Oas. What’s super kaloka here is the travel time. Oas is supposed to be an hour trip from Legazpi only but Badian is located at the end of the world. At least it feels like that. Endless road is all that we see. Couple and a half hours after, we finally reached the resort. We actually found this resort on Facebook. I must say, it is overrated. As in!




We were a group of 15 people. We were accommodated in a villa with 2 beds and 2 spare single mattresses. Hello!!!! 15 kami teh! After talking to the staff, we were given another 2 single mattresses. Not that bad anymore as we have kids naman with us so they won’t be using a lot of space in the bed anyway. There was like an attic there and that is where they put the extra mattresses. Scary because we have to sleep there and the floor was only made from a thin plywood. I am not that confident it can carry our weight. But it did!

Did we enjoy our stay? 50% we did. We went island hopping, sunrise is a fantastic view, and we also went night swimming at their infinity pool. The staff are accommodating and they go out of their way to make sure that we are okay. So why 50% only? Because the other 50% is a failure. And it is because of the accommodation which is not that clean, we ran out of water just as we are about to shower after our night swimming, and the food is pangmaharlika. Imagine pansit na almost half a kilo cost 900 pesos! OVER!


Sumlang Lake

There is also a lake popularized by Facebook today. It is Sumlang Lake in Camalig, Albay. We went there last week. It was okay and the view is amazing; however, we probably went there too early as it was super hot that time. I think the perfect time to be there is around 4pm. The sunset view I imagine to be breathtaking. In Sumlang Lake, you can stay in one of the floating cottages. For one hour, the charge is 200 pesos. Not that bad at all. But because it was too hot when we were there (around 2:30pm), we were literally begging for the staff to take us back to the land!


These are some of the things we have done so far. I am hoping we can do more before Summer ends. I’ll make kwento when that happens 🙂

The Joy Of Parenting Teens

Some parents consider parenting teens as a challenge. But the truth is it’s not. Teens bring joy to parents’ lives. Parenting teens is actually a joyful experience. You may ask why?

Group of Friends Smiling

Group of Friends Smiling

Here are the reasons why:

* Teens are someone you can easily relate to. You have been a teen once in your life as well so you know what they are going through. It is easy for parents to relate to their teens’ concerns because they have already experienced what their teens have experienced.

* As long as there is open communication, you can be bestfriends with your teen child. It is amazing how many things under the sun can you talk about all day long.

* You will have a mate for life. Teens are friends who will never ever leave you. You already have a child and you have a best mate as well.

See, parenting teens is actually a joyful experience.