4 Bread-Baking Secrets on the Road to Bread Perfection


You’re preparing for your child to be born, and you’re craving something delicious. Bread is on your mind day and night, and if food is on your mind, you can start baking the perfect loaf of bread today. But I am not going to give you a recipe to follow.


I’m going to do something even better: help you fix all of those baking errors that you’re making. You’ll be able to use a lot of these secrets to make fruit cakes, cookies, pastries or any other type of cooking when baking is involved.

Bread Baking Secret #1: Warm Butter

You follow a recipe exactly, and what happens? Your bread turns out horrible. I have had this happen countless times, and the problem was something so simple that I am almost embarrassed to even mention it: butter.

I added the butter into the mix.

But I didn’t let the butter warm up first. The recipe never really said what to do with the butter, so I left it out for a minute or two before adding it into my dough.

Big mistake.

Room temperature ingredients trap the air through emulsion and this air will expand and allow the bread to get nice and fluffy. If your bread hasn’t been getting the fluff you want, this may be why.

Bread Baking Secret #2: Knead on an Oiled Surface

This corrective technique seems so obvious, but it’s a technique most people don’t even think about. If your bread and dough is just dry, you’ll want to knead it on an oiled surface. If you knead your dough on a floured surface, you’re going to add to the dryness of the bread.

And this should be evident during your last dough rise.

If you just have dough that’s always too dry, this trick will help – a lot.

Bread Baking Secret #3: Temperatures Aren’t What They Seem

I started to notice that my bread never came out just right after a few recipe failures, but it wasn’t just bread. A lot of baked goods didn’t come out right. I knew I followed the recipes exactly, so the next logical step was to look at my main equipment.

The utensils have little to do with the problem. When I was using a new bread maker, the problem went away, too. But any time I put my dough into the oven, or any baked good for that matter, instant problems.

The problem?

My oven. The temperature wasn’t right. I put it on 350 degrees, but the calibration was off, and the oven’s temperature was off. I used a separate oven thermometer, and the oven was off by 25 degrees

You can calibrate some ovens, but I just used the thermometer to tell the difference in temperature and I was back to the grind making delicious bread once again.

If your oven is off, and a lot of them are, it’s going to be problematic.

Another mistake I learned from my grandmother, and it’s so simple, too: stop opening the oven door. You let a lot of the hot air escape the oven when you open the door, which causes the bread to bake improperly and causes the oven to work in overdrive.

Bread Baking Secret #4: Use a Digital Scale

Baking with confidence requires you to use a digital scale. The best bakers in the world know that even a slight variation in an ingredient’s quantity can lead to a major difference in the chemical reaction in the bread.

And if you just “eye” your ingredients, it’s no wonder that they never come out right.

You need to measure your ingredients using a scale. And I am sorry, but you need to also measure in grams. Trust me, it’s so much easier and it makes an immediate impact on your baking.

Scales are the difference between consistency and chaos.

If you measure all of your ingredients by weight, you’ll be able to make sure that the same recipe tastes the same the next time you follow it.

Bread making is an art, and it’s all a matter of taste. Something I learned on my travels to Italy is that the way Italians make bread is a lot different than the way Americans make bread. The sweetness isn’t part of the Italian bread making ritual. Not at all.

And the taste is much earthier in Italy than it is in the U.S.

But it’s all a matter of taste. Experiment, add ingredients and find the bread taste that makes your mouth water.



How to Grow Your Hair Back After Pregnancy

Isn’t it the most annoying thing in the world when you have just gone through the pain and the stress of giving birth, and you come out of it thinking that it’s over, but it’s not? This can be the case for thousands of women out there who experience post-partum baldness. According to leading hair loss treatment providers, this is a condition where the body, in response to the trauma you suffered during your pregnancy, kills off your hair cells. This can lead to hair fall, loss, and possible baldness. This is completely temporary, but can still be another cause of stress you simply don’t need right now. Here are some useful ways to avoid losing more hair and to try and grow back what you’ve lost right now.

Stop Doing the Turban Thing

As women, we love wrapping our hair in the towel after a shower to get rid of all the water and look pretty awesome while doing it. However, wrapping your wet hair in the towel, twisting it, and moving it everywhere can be very bad for your hairline. In fact, the state of your hair right now following your pregnancy means it is extremely likely to just break off. All your body’s nutrition is being siphoned off to make milk, plus you’re dealing with so much stress. This towel treatment will increase how much of your hair breaks off every day. Having a turban without twisting your hair in the towel is no better – anything that stretches your hair can break it quite easily. Comb your hair out after your shower instead, or try breaking out the blow-dryer.

Get Rid of Ponytails

You’ve probably seen the Mommy Makeover websites with the pretty young things running on a treadmill with their hair in a ponytail. Well, actual post-partum weight loss and the rest of it isn’t nearly as clean as that. Don’t do your hair up in a ponytail. These hairdos truly do pull your hairline back to the point that in their weakened state they simply break off and die. You can try using clips and headbands if you want to work out while mothering your newborn. Just avoid any hairstyles that put stress on your weakened hairs.

Do Away with the Ends

Almost all hair breakage starts when your ends begin to split. Split ends can be treated by trimming the hairs with them regularly. This keeps the rest of the hair healthy and strong (or as strong as they can be right now). You should also look into conditioning treatments with natural conditioners, either with your hair stylist or at home alone. The salon can be a little hard to fit into the schedule what with the rest of your new tasks at home.

Getting your hair to stop being so flimsy is hard when you’re a new mom. However, you can prevent it from breaking apart in your hands every time you touch it. The key to growing your hair back after pregnancy is to stop letting it fall in the first place!

Great Travel Ideas for Valentine’s Day

As the day of love gets closer, there are a number of things you can do to make a great Valentine’s Day for both you and your loved one. Step up the regular dinner date or night out with a bit of travel for the two of you and go somewhere special!


Cruises can be a great trip idea for a couple, because you get to be isolated on a ship for as long as you can go! This means that the two of you can enjoy time to yourselves while also enjoying the amenities and activities on the ship. While it may be a big ship, if you go just the two of you, it can be like just the two of you are there.

You can enjoy romantic, isolated evenings on your own. You can get dinner together, spend time in your cabin alone,  and time out doing other activities available. There are a wide range of activities available on cruise ships, some of which are specifically geared towards couples. Even ones that aren’t can be great for couples. No matter what you like to do, you’ll be sure to find something fun and exciting to do.

Ski Lodge/Cabin

A ski lodge or cabin can also make a great romantic getaway for a couple. It provides privacy and intimacy, and depending on where you go, it can also have a stunning view. On top of making for a romantic and private trip for Valentine’s Day, it gives you a chance to enjoy activity and adventure while doing so. If you’re more interested in activities than relaxing, you can combine the best of both worlds by enjoying a weekend or few nights at a ski resort or cabin.

Property Booking Websites

Enjoying an extravagant trip like a cruise or ski resort isn’t always necessary though, you are just as likely to have an enjoyable time renting a private property out using a service like Airbnb or something similar. The great part about getting something like this is that it’s much more affordable than some other travel options.

These types of trips also offer you privacy and intimacy. They gives you a chance to be alone and go at your own pace, allowing you the freedom to do what you want with your time together. You can pick a location with a great view and enjoy a night of privacy together. You can spend the day before and after exploring the local area and visiting destinations nearby. If you want to just stay in and enjoy your time together, don’t bother leaving at all.

These various property booking websites, such as Airbnb and Tripping.com, offer affordable, cute, and intimate properties for you and your partner to share. You can create a private, romantic vacation from home that still offers you the freedom to do what you want with your time and relax.

Make this Valentine’s Day special by stepping up your typical celebration by traveling together. Instead of the traditional dinner and jewelry, create lasting memories by going on a vacation together, enjoying an intimate experience together.

Why You Should Rent Out Your First Home

So, you’re looking for your very first home to buy and live in. Maybe you should put the thought of living in it aside and consider renting it out instead. Investment properties are a very lucrative market right now, according to thepattisallgroup.com. More people are deciding to purchase homes in order to rent them out as soon as they do. Now, the majority buys their first home (and sometimes their second) before investing in a property like this. You should seriously think about starting before this. Here’s why investing in real estate for rent early on is a good option.

You’re Young, Wild, and Free

As a young person, the feeling of independence is exhilarating, to say the least. You are finally the master of your own destiny. You make the rules, no one else. You can live wherever you feel like living, buy whatever you want to, and go wherever the world takes you. However, this freedom can start to taste a little stale pretty fast, especially when deep down you know that you want something else.

You could take all the money that you’re spending on temporary pleasures right now and spend it on an investment in your future. You can start saving and building your credit right now – it isn’t as impossible a task as you might think. Both these actions will help you be more eligible for mortgages in the future. While the life you’re living right now might be fun, battening the hatches and saving hard can make for a ton of secure fun in the future.

Investing in Property Right Now Saves Money

Home prices are constantly on the rise, aren’t they? Every time you do research, that’s the one theme that recurs every single time. The cost of living is increasing like never before. However, there are many people who haven’t been able to afford the cost of living and have had their homes foreclosed. These homes are sold at auction by the banks that repossessed them to the highest bidder. The sales are fast and easy, and the prices are significantly less than their actual value because banks want liquid assets. You could purchase a foreclosed house as an investment property for a low price, as long as you check it and make sure you can afford it first.

Extra Income is Always Welcome

When you start renting your first house out, you get to supplement your income with more. The profits are vast, and allow you to pay off debts you didn’t think you could. You can even use the rent payments to help pay off the mortgage on the house, killing two birds with one stone and setting you up for ownership of a mortgage-free property in the future.

People are moving to the suburbs more often today. You have the opportunity to capitalize on it by allowing your first house purchase to be a rental. Consider the many benefits, weigh them against the risks, and make the right choice for yourself and your bank account today.


Where Lawyers Do What They Do

No two lawyers are the same. In TV and movies, you see them all doing the same thing each time. They are always running to trials and standing in front of juries. Most lawyers only go to trial when necessary. There are many places for them to work and many specialities they work in their fields. From personal injury lawyers at firms like http://pacelawfirm.com/blog/know-hire-personal-injury-lawyer/ and more, the diversity is vast indeed.

    1. The Different Specializations of Lawyers

There is a specialization in law that enables an attorney to work trials alone. In trial law, this can be either civil or criminal in nature. There is also appellate law, which allows them to help you out, if you are appealing a decision made by a court of justice. Other specializations include bankruptcy law, real estate law, trust law, tax law, communication, employment, labor, environment, healthcare, immigration, and much more. As many as there are cases in court, there are branches of law to deal with them too.

    1. Private Practice Lawyers

Almost all lawyers work in a private practice or firm. Many of these lawyers work on their own, having started a practice right after law school. Others tend to work in small enterprises with less than twenty lawyers first. The majority of lawyers work in businesses that employ hundreds of agents with multiple branches across the country. An associate is a newly hired lawyer. As they get cases and wins, they work their way up the ladder towards partnership.

Nearly all lawyers’ company eligibility is determined by how much they bring to the firm’s coffers.  They recognized that achievement through their maximized billable hours. They keep a record book that displays how much they billed their clients each day.

    1. Special In-House Attorneys

Some lawyers are employed solely by one client. They work in-house for that person. These lawyers are usually hired by large enterprises to handle any and all legal issues related to the business. The legal department in a larger company is typically pretty big, so lawyers from different specializations are hired to make a well-rounded team of attorneys who can tackle nearly any case that pops up.

Most in-house advocates gain their clients due to their experience working with them while at a firm. If they do their jobs well enough at this time, the company can ask them to work for them in-house. This is a very coveted position because the lawyers who work in this way don’t have to log billable hours – they are regularly paid by the company that hires them.

One last type of lawyer is the government agent. These are the attorneys employed by federal and state offices like the District Attorney’s Office. They are usually prosecutors in cases of “The People v. XXXXXXX”. These attorneys are also selected to represent clients in court trials where the defendant can’t afford a lawyer of their own. These aren’t the only places where legal advisers  work, of course, but they are the most common.

Your Guide To A Slimmer, Fitter, And Better You! [Guest Post]

Right now is the perfect time to get in shape, get healthy, and feel the full benefits of living life with wellness in mind. After all, theres never too early a time to start a new diet and exercise regime. In order to see results faster, we suggest following through with these ten top tips from the experts.

  1. Choose an exercise or activity that appeals to you.

If youve had a hard time sticking to a commitment to working out before, then you may have been choosing the wrong way to break a sweat. Going to a gym isnt the only way to work out, after all. Many people who hate the gym love to dance, do yoga, or even hit the court. The more you enjoy your exercise, the more youll want to do it, which will turn into better results over a shorter course of time.


  1. Enlist the help of other like-minded people.

Truthfully, not everyone you know will actually want you to lose too much weight, because it will make them feel bad about themselves. What you should do is look for other people who want to lose weight, and team up together. Good exercise buddies can offer you the kind of positive peer pressure and moral support you need to get rid of those last couple of pounds.

  1. Don’t be afraid to push yourself to your limits.

Assuming you are working out under the watchful eye of an experienced spotter, trainer, or professional, you should never be scared to try something new. A new pose, a demanding stretch, or even a brand new exercise routine might just be the challenge you need.


  1. Have reasonable expectations about the results you want.

Everything thats worth working towards will take time and effort. Just because youre brand new to a sport now doesnt mean that you wont get the hang of it at all. In order to see results and feel the progress youve made, youre going to have to stick to your new routine for more than just a week. Be reasonable about expectations, and dont quit!

  1. Eat healthy foods, in healthy portions.

Exercise alone doesnt yield the same results as diet and exercise combined. In fact, most experts will tell you that you cant fully exercise away bad diet habits. If you want to get healthy, strong, and slim, youre going to need to start working on your diet, too. As long as its well-balanced and done in reasonable portions, you will lose weight quickly.

  1. Buy quality workout clothing.

Nothing is more awkward, nor more uncomfortable, than trying to exercise in inappropriate gear. Whether its a matter of comfort, of range of motion, or the materials ability to breathe,the wrong sportswear can ruin your desire to continue working out. On the other hand, sportswear that actually flatters you may boost your self-esteem and even become a reason to hit the gym.


  1. When in doubt, ask advice from people who have been there and done that.

Its easy to feel lost about how to achieve wellness, but in all reality, you should never feel lost. There are many groups who can help you get fitter, including personal trainers and people who have successfully kept off weight. Just ask the right people, and youll get great advice. (Hint: Most of the right people will never try to sell you supplements.)

  1. Be forgiving of yourself if you mess up.

A surprising amount of people will binge on food for a day, or skip a day at the gym, then get discouraged, and quit. Dont be that person. Instead, forgive yourself, and remind yourself that tomorrow is another day. Love yourself, and let that positive attitude translate into an awesome course of action!

  1. Don’t forget to stretch before you exercise!

Stretching has been proven to help prevent sports injuries in athletes. It only takes 5 to 15 minutes to get fully stretched out, but it can prevent sprains and falls. Besides, theres nothing wrong with being a little limber, right?


  1. Keep your body and mind in mind.

Health and strength isnt just about having a slim body. Its also about having a positive outlook, less stress, and making the right life decisions for you. By having a healthy attitude, a sharp mind, and a sleek physique, you are helping yourself life live to the fullest in more ways than one.

Author Bio: Style guru Regina shares her knowledge of the fashion industry to men and women alike to help keep them up to date with the latest trends. Catch more of her advice on the The Upside blog.

Fun Summer Activities to Do at Home [Guest Post]

Happy Wednesday my loves…


Via I Heart Nap Time

The kids are home from school and the days are long. How do you keep your kids busy without spending a fortune on amusement parks and trips to the beach or parking them in front of Netflix? Encourage your children to play!

The American Academy of Pediatrics reports that children are playing less than ever. Recess periods have been trimmed or eliminated in schools, same goes for physical education classes. Children are also involved in so many different activities that they rarely have the opportunity for free play. “Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. It allows children to explore the world, practice adult roles, and gain confidence. And it improves children’s social skills as well by helping them to learn how to work in groups, to share, to negotiate, to resolve conflict, and and to learn self-advocacy skills.”

Here are some fun activities that you can do with your family at home to make the most of the summer and foster your child’s social development, all while creating great memories.

Inspire the Next Jackson Pollock!

Do you kids’ eyes light up at the idea of getting messy or creating chaos? Don’t worry, it’s normal! These exploding paint bags are a great outlet for that energy and your driveway makes the perfect canvas. You can make these bags with simple ingredients from your kitchen: zip lock bags, corn starch, vinegar, food coloring, and baking soda. Find directions with measurements for the ingredients here.


Via Growing a Jeweled Rose

Turn Your Garage Into a Laboratory

The summer before I started fourth grade, I spent my days with the neighborhood kids hanging out in the garage performing science experiments. My poor mother had so many “beautiful” wave machines (2-liter bottle, water, oil, food coloring) all over the house. There are a ton of experiments on Science Kids for your kids to try this summer including building volcanoes, making eggs float, and of course, diet coke and mentos! If your kids are into bubbles and you have time to closely supervise, try making “alien” bubbles” with dry ice and bubble solution (pictured).


Via Familylicious

Let Your Kids Get Tattoos

Well, sort of! Allow your kids to indulge their artistic side by making temporary tattoos with watercolor sticks or crayons–the same tools used for face painting at festivals. Dip the tip of the crayon or stick into water and you’re ready to create a masterpiece. The “tattoos” should wash away easily, but even if it takes an extra day, no worries, it’s summer!


Via Pinterest

Care for Backyard Animals

This birdfeeder is so easy to make! All you need are toilet paper rolls, peanut butter, a spreading tool (I would use a plastic butter knife), and birdseed. Once done, hang them on tree branches and observe the birds that visit throughout the summer. A word of caution, your bird feeder may be stolen by squirrels, but it’s worth the laughs.


Via Growing a Jeweled Rose

Cool Off With Sponge Bombs

Water balloons are a summertime staple, but once they burst they are done, and sometimes they hurt! Sponge bombs are a great alternative–soft to the touch and reusable throughout the summer. Watch this video to find out how to make your own sponge bombs.


Via Inner Child Fun

Organize a Scavenger Hunt

Get your kids outside and exploring their natural environment by setting up a scavenger hunt. Involve neighborhood kids if possible to make the competition more exciting. Treat everyone with healthy, homemade popsicles to cool off when they are done.


Via The Taylor House

Finally, You May Want to Create a Schedule

Yes, it’s summer time and you want to be flexible. Busy days will still come up for you though and navigating those days amidst a chorus of, “I’m bored,” can certainly be challenging. Prepare for those days by creating a daily schedule. Your kids will be used to it from school and it will also help ease their transition back to school in the fall. Sure, plans will change, but this will help you stay organized and create a sense of routine for your children. Don’t forget to schedule some quiet time!


Via My Frugal Adventures

For other tips and tricks, head to Modernize.com.

Get Kids Moving to Their Favourite Music: Fun Game Ideas [Guest Post]

children dancing(Image Source)

During my college years I used to work as a children’s entertainer. I had to think of a number of games for kids to enjoy on various occasions such as birthday parties, Christmas parties and many more. Much of the fun involved dancing. What I learned is that kids have a natural flair for dancing and they don’t really need much encouragement to start shaking to the rhythm of the music.

Everybody loves music and children are not the exception. It is a fabulous way of improving memory, body movement, creativity, understanding for tone and rhythm, and much, much more. However, while most children are passionate about dancing and they start moving soon after they hear the music, others need some encouragement. What would I do when kids were not that much into dancing? I turned dancing into a game! That’s right, the best way to make a child do whatever you want is to make it look like a game.

So, if you are concerned that your offspring is not a “dancoholic”, follow my tips. Here MoveOutCleanLondon Deptford would like to share a few fun games to make your kids dance to the rhythm of the music. Enjoy!

Animal Dance

Make children dance as animals. Create a few cards depicting different animals. Make your kids pick a card and instruct them to dance as the animal shown on the card. They have to dance using small or big movements, depending on the size of the animal. They may make sounds to imitate those of the animal. The animal dance helps to generate creative energy and stimulate your kids’ imagination.

As small ones love playing different roles, this game will definitely appeal to your children. Not to mention, they will be able to get wild without getting punished for it.

Play this game with as many children as you want.

Dance and Freeze

It’s probably the most common dance game played with people of all ages. The rules are: once they play the music, you start dancing; when the music stops, you freeze. However, if someone moves while no music is being played, they will be eliminated. In the end, only one player will win the game.

Many children dislike the idea of losing. Alternatively, you can change the rules of the game and allow more winners. Don’t forget to prepare cookies or some treats for when the game is over.

This game can be played with at least two children.

Dancing with Items

dancing kid

Image Source

Hoops, balloons, pom poms, hats, wigs, ribbons and other props can be used while dancing. Provide several items and make your children pick one to dance with it. After a period of time, they have to pick another prop. The game is over after each child has danced with all the props or when you get tired. I’m telling you, children love this game! They really have lots of fun using various items, throwing them in the air and the like.

This game can be played with one children or more.

Dancing with Each Other

Make your children dance with one another. You need at least two children to play this game. Partner dancing teaches us how to relate to the other person, observe and understand their needs. It also teaches how to cooperate with one another. Making children dance in couples will be both fun and beneficial for them. Sometimes it can be difficult to persuade a child to dance with another one. There are a few ways to trick them into doing what you want, for example, give them a treat, explain them that by refusing to play the game they will spoil everyone’s fun, etc.

And with a little bit of luck you may even involve your children in cleaning by playing another dance game. Just offer them a game in which they have to clean several items while dancing to the music. Divide the house into sections and ask your small ones to pick one. The first one that gathers all the clutter in their area is the winner. See? Cleaning can be fun too. Now go gather your kids and let the games begin!

Nighttime Parenting Lessons [Guest Post]

Happy Monday my loves…

Babies are the most amazing gift nature can give us. Yet, I believe we all know that together with all the joys that the little tiny person in our hands will bring to us, we will also be saddled with numerous responsibilities. First and foremost, we need to make sure that our youngest one lives in a perfectly safe and clean domestic environment. It does not particularly matter whether we are going to sanitize the premises ourselves or resort to the help of a professional cleaning company. It is just important to provide spotless hygiene. But, actually, the purpose of my article is to dwell upon another widely discussed and significant topic – babies’ sleeping habits during the night.

I know that nightfall is a dreaded time by all parents, for they need to somehow make their progeny fall asleep and take a nap themselves. And here are some lessons and quick tips from Tidy Cleaning Kensington that will certainly be quite informative and useful to you.

 11Image Source

The first thing you need to know is that the way you sleep differs significantly from the way your baby does. Generally speaking, sleep is divided into two stages – quiet/deep or also known as non-rapid eye movement sleep and active or rapid eye movement sleep. These interchange during the course of the night. And newborns have considerably shorter cycles of sleep. That is, if adults fall into a quiet phase for about an hour and a half, infants’ deep sleep lasts no more than fifty to sixty minutes. When babies enter the active phase they are most likely to fully awaken, start crying, and you know the rest. So, when you notice that your baby is stirring, it is a good idea to sing him or her a lullaby, pat him or her carefully, or do anything else that will comfort your youngest one and ease him or her back to sleep.

Another important fact is that nightwaking is fundamental to babies’ health. In other words, newborns’ needs are extremely demanding, yet they cannot communicate them directly. And this is even additionally hampered when they are in a deep sleep phase. Simply put, the sleeping cycles of our youngest ones are that short, for they must be that short. And here is one quick example. What if your baby is hungry, but cannot notify you about this, since he or she is in a quite sleep stage for hours? This is not good for him or her, right? Not good, at all. So, I know how tempting might sound to you all those technological advancements, offered on the market, that guarantee that your  progeny will not stir during the night. But you need to know that all those are too expensive and quite ineffective. And if, however, they do what they are promised to do, this might seriously harm your child’s health.

Babies’ sleeping cycles gradually increase with age. That is, towards the second half of their first year, they will wake up less often, unless they are bothered by teething pain or some such thing. You need to know that the sleeping habits of your infants are not determined by the quality of your parentship. You might be the most careful, strict, and attentive mother or father in the world and, still, you might have a restless child. What is more, different babies reach sleeping maturity at different stages of their development. It is all highly individual and you do not need to worry, if your youngest one is one-year-old and he or she still awakens more frequently during the course of the night.

I really hope that you have found the information above useful and comforting. Enjoy the precious gift you have been given by nature. Provide your babies with the most favourable living conditions and leave them sleep just as much as they need. Yes, it might be difficult to you, considering how tiring it is to be a parent these days, but after all, our children’s well-being is what matters most.

Teaching Kids Responsibility By Chores Challenging [Guest Post]

Happy Thursday my loves…

Taking care of your family and the house at the same time is probably too hard for you. When you add also the stress of your regular job, the obligations might become unbearable. In moment like these you can turn for help to the other members of your family, and more specially to the kids. When you invite them to participate in the thorough maintenance of the house you will not only win an extra help but will also have the opportunity to teach them to be more responsible and independent.

People often say that parenting is not for everyone and they are probably right because this is a very tough full-time “job”, for which a person needs to have a lot of patience and strength. When rearing children you have to be prepared for anything because their good manners and behaviour are your responsibility. When they are little, they are more curious and therefore more eager to engage in different activities with you, part of which are also the household chores. As they grow up, however, you might find it more and more difficult to make them help you. But it is essential to try to show them that things like the cleaning of their rooms and the washing of the dishes are still important because they will teach them how to be responsible.

teaching kids household choresImage Source

Showing to your kid how to clean the toys, different objects or premises of the house might be difficult at first but with a little time and patience he or she might even like it so much that begin to take the initiative alone. Any form of cleaning will be of great importance for the good education of your son or daughter and will also teach him or her essential qualities like being more assiduous. Here are a couple of ideas that can help you make your kid more responsible through chores challenging:

•Treat your little one as a grown-up – When you give to your kid a certain task like the cleaning of a room, for example, try to be encouraging and show that you really believe in the abilities of your child because he or she is already a grown-up. You can say things like, “You are already 6 years old, I am sure that you will be able to put away your toys all by yourself.”

•Work together – If you and your kid work as a team, this will make the things easier. With you there, your little one will be motivated to show you how much he or she can achieve alone. This will also help you supervise the whole process and, if a problem appears you can deal with it immediately.

•Try to bring out the fun side of the boring tasks – You can turn the cleaning or some other household chore into a game by racing with your kid to see who will finish first. If you also put on some music the things will become even more fun.

•Don’t forget the reward – Giving something to your little one as a symbol of appreciation will motivate him or her even more to continue with the performance of the regular responsibilities and why not even try new ones. For instance, you can make a chart on which you can mark the progress of the work and when everything is completed to buy a new toy, to go somewhere or do something different with your kid.

Trying some of the ideas we have shown you here will make the otherwise dreading process of trying to teach your children to be responsible more pleasant and fun. If you think of some other effective approaches, definitely try them because you are the person who knows your child best.

The article is provided by Olivia Moore who currently works for Tenancy Cleaning SE13. She is a well educated young woman who likes to spend her free time writing and blogging.