I’d Rather Have Few Friends

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Contrary to what other people may think, I don’t have a lot of friends. Yes I have quite a handful of people in my circle but I wouldn’t really consider them as my friends. Acquaintances maybe, but not friends.

Last night’s devotion with the family involved the story of Jonathan and David. In the Bible, their friendship is ideal. When Jonathan helped David escape the wrath of Saul, it was genuine friendship that urged him to. I don’t have a lot of Jonathan in my life. I know of only a few people who would go beyond their comfort zone to help me. There are a lot of people who would be happy to laugh with me but not a lot would cry with me.

As we were discussing, I told my son to choose his friends wisely. I asked him to pray for the gift of discernment so he will know who his real friends are and who are hiding behind fake smiles. There are a lot of users in this world and without the gift of discernment, it is just so easy for us to fall prey to their sweet lies.

I’d rather have a few true friends than to have heaps of fake friends. And this is what I want my son to do as well. One true friend is better than a thousand fake ones.



Best Rain Showerhead – Guide and Reviews [Sponsored Post]

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Best Rain Showerhead Guide

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  • The price range is reasonable. Price differs depending on the style, design, finish, and size.

Best Rain Showerhead Reviews

  • It provides a strong spray power. It has a pressure chamber that controls the water from the spray jets. This is vital in ensuring a good water flow and pressure. You can get better spray of water every time compared to other kinds of shower heads.
  • Clogging is a usual problem with showers. Water flow is blocked if there is a clog. This prevents water from flowing through the spray jets. The best rain shower head avoids clog because it is easy to clean.
  • They are easy to install. Most models come with an installation manual that is easy to follow. Anyone can do the installation. Some of them can be installed even without the help of tools.
  • It creates a showering experience similar to a spa. This is the reason why many people choose this kind of shower head.

These best rain showerhead guide and reviews will help you decide if this kind of shower head is best for your bathroom.

Hyperhidrosis – Do You Have It?

Sweating is a natural body function. This is when the sweat glands release liquids from our bodies to keep our bodies cool. Some people sweat more because they either have more sweat glands or because of their lifestyle. Sometimes the mood of a person can also affect the amount of sweat the body produces. But when you sweat excessively regardless of your lifestyle or mood, you might already be suffering from a health condition called Hyperhidrosis.

The Condition

This health condition refers to excessive sweating of the body. It can be triggered by other neurologic, systemic, or even metabolic conditions. The kind of weather can also contribute to this condition.

The sweating is very evident on certain areas of the body such as the underarms, palms, and the soles of the feet. As the condition worsens, people become more uncomfortable with their bodies. They can barely grasp into something because of their wet hands or they are too ashamed to go out in public because of their sweaty underarms visible through their shirts.

The Forms

Hyperhidrosis has two forms. One is the primary focal and other is the secondary general. While the symptoms are very similar, the causes for these different forms vary.

  • Primary Focal. Between the two, this is the more common form that affects a lot of people. It can target anyone. Even if you consider yourself as someone who is living a healthy lifestyle, you can still suffer from it. The parts of the body affected are the underarms, hands, soles of the feet, and face.

After conducting many different researches on this condition, researches point to a malfunction in some part of the nervous system as the culprit. Because of this malfunction, the brain transmits signals that command the skin to produce sweat even when the situation doesn’t call for it.

Even if the condition is not brought about by unhealthy lifestyle, you should still be conscious about your lifestyle choices because it can negatively affect your condition. If you are already suffering from excessive sweating, you should already refrain from doing things or eating foods that will motivate your body to sweat.

  • Secondary General. With this form, the sweating is not isolated on just some parts of the body but it is experienced on the entire body. This is the more serious form of Hyperhidrosis. People who experience this condition should seek medical attention as it most likely caused by a health problem that is not yet diagnosed. Although it requires individual analysis to identify the underlying problem, more and more cases of the “secondary general” are believed to be caused by tuberculosis, diabetes, leukemia, lymphoma, and even Parkinson’s disease.

However, not all cases are caused by a health problem. Some are caused by medication intakes. There are drugs that can trigger this condition. Physical condition such as pregnancy can also be a contributing factor to secondary general excessive sweating.

Hyperhidrosis can cause discomfort but it can also help reveal an underlying health problem. It is a condition that should be given attention. There are medical experts that can help patients suffering from this condition.

Top 5 Best, Worst, And Profitable Clinical Drugs

I know this is another out of my league topic but with my “clinical trial” readings, I came across these facts. I thought I’d share them with you.

Not all drugs that are subjected to clinical trials can be considered the best. These drugs were designed, developed, and produced by pharmaceutical companies with the goal of bringing cure to different kinds of illnesses. These drugs are tested and tried at clinical trials to ensure that they work as designed and that they are effective. They will not be made available until they pass all the clinical trials required and the results are successful.

Clinical trials date back to as early as the 17th century with the famous scurvy trial performed by James Lind in 1747. However, many studies reveal that even earlier than the 17th century, there are already clinical trials performed. There are also biblical instances that can be considered as clinical trials. For instance, in the New Testament, the king ordered Daniel and his friends to eat fruits and vegetables while the other men eat meat. In a way, many medical researchers consider this as a form of clinical trial. Truly, clinical trials has a rich history.

While there are many drugs that have successful results in the trials, there are also those that quite miss the mark. Some are considered failures. So what are the top 5 best drugs, top 5 worst drugs, and top 5 most profitable drugs in the field of clinical trials?

Top 5 Best Drugs 

These are the drugs that were developed by pharmaceutical companies. They have undergone a number of clinical trials and the results are successful. Because of this, they are approved by FDA as safe and beneficial to use. 

  1. Dapagliflozin

This drug was developed by Bristol-Myers Squibb alongside AstraZeneca. It is designed to help manage type II Diabetes. The drug controls the glycemic level of the patient. After successful clinical trials, the drug was approved by FDA in January 8, 2014. The company is currently performing clinical trials to see if the drug will be effective for type I diabetes.

  1. Glatiramer Acetate

This drug was developed by Teva Pharmaceuticals and is available by the brand name, Copaxone. It is an FDA approved drug that helps treat multiple sclerosis. It has undergone three major clinical trials that were all successful.

  1. Tasimelteon

This drug by Vanda Pharmaceuticals is a treatment for the sleep-wake disorder. Clinical studies and trials of the drug are all positive and they showed how effective the drug is in battling sleep-wake disorder.

  1. Ibrutinib

This is an anticancer drug created by Pharmacyclics. It is used to treat chronic acute leukemia. It targets B-cell malignancies. It is available under brand name Imbruvica. Clinical trials have been performed to test the efficacy of this drug and the results are very positive. The patients have improved conditions after the trial administration of the drug.

  1. Elosulfase Alfa

This is a drug that is marketed under the name of Vimizim and produced by BioMarin Pharmaceutical. It is used to treat a medical case called “Morquio Syndrome” which is basically the deficiency of N-acetylgalactosamine-6-sulfatase. The company performed clinical trials involving 176 participants and the results are satisfying.

Top 5 Worst Drugs

Some drugs were developed and they were subjected to a number of clinical trials. The results were not satisfying. They did not show effectiveness and because of this, they are considered failures in the field of clinical research. The pharmaceutical companies have discontinued the development of these drugs but not until they have already spent a great deal of budget. 

  1. Iniparib

This drug is designed for Stage IV lung cancer and platinum resistant ovarian cancer. It was not able to achieve its purpose after several clinical trials. The development of the drug and the clinical trials sponsored by Sanofi has an accumulated cost of $525 million. After failed results, the drug was considered a failure.

  1. Darapladib

This drug is designed to help cure heart disease in adults. It was produced and developed by GlaxoSmithKline. With an estimated overall cost of $246.3 million and no favourable medical results, this drug is surely a big failure. The company formally announced that this drug is a failure.

  1. Preladenant

One of the common illnesses of a lot of aged people is Parkinson’s disease. The drug “Preladenant” developed by Merck & Co., was designed to help treat Parkinson’s disease; however, after the failed phase III trials, the company decided not to pursue the clinical development program anymore. The cost of the development and trials reached $181 million.

  1. Fostamatinib

Designed to alleviate Rheumatoid arthritis, this drug from AstraZeneca and Rigel did not have successful clinical trials. The patients who received the drug during the trial period did not have any positive improvement in their cases. Thus, the drug was deemed ineffective. The cost incurred by the company is $136 million.

  1. Tabalumab

Another Rheumatoid Arthritis drug, the Tabalumab by pharmaceutical company, Eli Lilly, was considered a failure after not showing any efficacy after several clinical trials. The program was discontinued but it still accrued $60 million in cost.

Top 5 Most Profitable Drugs 

After successful clinical trials, drugs will be approved for use by FDA. They will be marketed and made available to the public either as an over the counter drug or prescription drug. Even though pharmaceutical companies spend millions on the development of the drug and the many clinical trials, they will still have good returns especially if the drugs they have developed are highly profitable. Do you ever wonder which drugs are most profitable? Here are the top 5:

  1. Remicade

This is a drug developed by Johnson & Johnson for rheumatoid arthritis. The total revenue of this drug is $74.3 billion. 

  1. Rituxan

This drug is developed by Biogen and Roche for rheumatoid arthritis and with a total revenue of $58.2 billion.

  1. Prevnar

This drug is developed by Pfizer to treat pneumococcal pneumonia. The total revenue is $49.6 billion.

  1. Avastin

This is developed by Roche as a treatment for different kinds of cancer. The total revenue is $48.5 billion.

  1. Herceptin

This is developed by Roche to help cure breast cancer and metastatic stomach/GEJ cancer. The total revenue is $48.5 billion.

So there you go, the list of the top 5 best drugs, top 5 worst drugs, and top 5 most profitable drugs in the medical industry today.


Patient Recruitment For Clinical Trials

Recently I came across a news site that published an article about patient recruitment in clinical trials. I know you might say this is a topic that is out of my league but the article got me curious. It detailed how challenging patient recruitment for clinical trials is. So as a response, I have written an article on how to somehow help pharmaceutical companies in patient recruitment. I know they have great researchers but this is from a standpoint of a regular person. Sometimes it is good to get ideas from regular people.

In the medical field, clinical trials are highly valuable. A vital aspect of a clinical trial is the patient. The patient’s participation plays a crucial role in the success of the research. This is how important patient recruitment is in every clinical trial. However, recruiting patients for the study is not as easy as it seems.

The Challenge In Patient Recruitment For Clinical Trials

The challenge with most clinical trials is the recruitment of patients. Firstly, not a lot of people are aware of clinical trials. This is due to the fact that they are not widely advertised. Patients also don’t usually talk about their experience to others. Secondly, there are people who are curious about clinical trials but they lack information. They may want to know if they are qualified but they couldn’t get the information that they need. Thirdly, some people want to try but are scared of something they are not familiar of. Fear of the unknown can sometimes hinder them from being patients. Lastly, some patients don’t finish the trials. They quit even before the trials are completed.

Strategies In Patient Recruitment For Clinical Trials

For companies conducting these trials, here are useful strategies that you should consider employing in order to successfully recruit qualified patients who can participate:

  • There are many ways to educate potential patients. With more active people online, there is no doubt that social media is one of the most effective venue. There are many forms of social media that you can use. By creating an informative video, infographic, or short advertisement about the clinical trial that you are doing, you can raise awareness and remove doubts about clinical trials. Make sure you have a clear call to action that people can respond to. The good thing about social media is they have a very broad reach.
  • A huge help in patient recruitment is local networking. Make your project visible to the community. This will not only help your project gain recognition but it will also make people become more familiar with it. With familiarity, fear is lessened.
  • Because you need the patients until the end of the trials, retention strategies are necessary. Make the experience worthwhile for the patients. Communication plays a vital role in retaining patients. Reasonable compensation is also required.

Patient recruitment for clinical trials is significant. These strategies will help companies in the recruitment process.

Working From Home – Pros and Cons

Many mothers like me are dreaming of a work from home gig. I won’t be surprised. Working from home has a lot of pros especially for mommies who want to juggle family time with work time. So if you are thinking about working from home, here are the pros and cons that you have to consider:

Pros of Working From Home

  • You can work at the same time continue being a mom. Working from home allows you to be with your children. This is particularly beneficial if you have little ones. You can have as many “yayas” as you want but nothing beats the security of being there personally with your children.
  • You own your time. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can work on hours you feel like working and chill whenever you want to? With many online work, you can be your own boss as long as you complete the time required of you and you finish the tasks at hand.
  • You can watch a movie while working. I know many people won’t be able to juggle two things at a time. But for some, watching a movie while working is the way to go.
  • You don’t need to dress up. I know this may be considered as a negative factor by some people especially those who likes to dress up but for some people it is a great relief not to have to dress up for work. Aside from it’s a total time saver, you will also save a lot of money. No need for shopping! What a relief.

Cons of Working From Home

  • No social life. This is the topmost negative side of working from home. You will lose the chance of meeting new people and enjoying your social life. There will be no random Friday night outs with colleagues.
  • Prone to procrastination. Having your own work time is always a temptation to delay work. Before you know it, you will be cramming at the end of the month when client reports are due.
  • Decreased self confidence. Because you don’t really deal with people personally, your confidence in facing people is decreased. Sometimes talking to people in real life becomes a struggle.

Well, there you go with the pros and cons of working from home. I have been working from home for years and trust me, I have dealt with all these pros and cons already.

Are Tinderas The New Big Boss?

Happy Saturday my loves…

I can’t help but wonder if business owners know about the attitude of their tinderas. Have you ever experienced buying from a particular shop and the tindera acts as if she owns the shop and she doesn’t need customers? Many times, I have experienced this. So it made me asked myself, are tinderas the new big boss?

8sNfTImage Source

Last night, we took the kids to the cinema to watch the overly popularized “Minions” movie. It was okay but I understood only a quarter of it. Why? Because I don’t talk the Minion language. They were all babbling words that only they could understand. It would have been helpful if there was a subtitle. There were funny moments and I must admit the minions are too cute to ignore.

Anyway, the flow of the story is that they were looking for a despicable big boss. Someone who is a badass. Their search led them to Scarlet Overkill and eventually to young Gru, who became their big boss for the movies “Despicable Me” and “Despicable Me 2”.

Upon an encounter with an overly despicable tindera, it came to me that who the minions were looking for is just around here all the time. She wasn’t in England, India, or Germany. The tindera is just here in Albay. The tindera can easily fit the requirements for the big boss.

I hope business owners become more involved in their businesses. Random visits or even mystery shopping is a good way to keep track of how your tinderas deal with your customers. Some tinderas simply don’t care about the business as long as they are paid their day’s wage.

Some of them can leave traumatic experience to customers like me. I would never buy from the same shop again as long as the despicable tindera is there. I would not subject myself to humiliation and disrespect. There are other shops with accommodating tinderas. I’d rather go there.

I am not generalizing all tinderas here. One bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch. And this post is merely a case of thinking out loud after my experience.

Have an awesome weekend my loves 🙂

Pride And Same Sex Marriage – My Opinion

Happy Monday my loves…

Recently, the United States has legalized same sex marriage. We all have different opinions when it comes to this issue. Given the freedom of speech that we have, I believe I have the right to speak out what I think about “Pride” and same sex marriage.

The term “Pride” itself is not something to be proud of. It is a capital sin and the father of all sins. It is because of pride that the devil wanted to be like God. It is pride that pushes people to think highly of themselves and feel that they don’t need God. It is pride that stops us from admitting our sins and asking for forgiveness. Pride is a negative word that people are now associating with something that they think is beautiful. Truly, the truth is compromised.

God created man and woman. Marriage is a union between a man and a woman. God created Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve. With same sex marriage, the holiness of marriage is compromised. The Bible is very clear about the detestable act of lying with same sex.


The Bible declares same sex relationship and marriage as an abomination. This is the very reason why Sodom and Gomorrah was wiped out from existence. I believe the United States is calling for another Sodom and Gomorrah event to happen anytime soon.

Having been raised as a Christian, I firmly believe that God’s design is fool proof. God designed marriage to be between a man and a woman because this is the perfect union. How do you expect people to procreate through same sex marriage? God commanded people to procreate and same sex marriage is stopping people from doing God’s command.

With all the ungodly things that are happening in the world, I believe God is on the brink of destroying the world and we are not doing anything to appease his anger. These people are actually fueling God’s anger.

Don’t get me wrong. I have gay friends and I love them as a person. As they say, love the sinner but hate the sin. I love my friends and I pray for a change of heart for them. I don’t believe in pride and same sex marriage but I believe in the power of Christ to change the hearts of people.

Don’t be fooled my loves. What future awaits our children’s virtues? They will grow up thinking that pride and same sex relationships are right. I am raising a God fearing Christian boy and I pray that God seal his heart and mind from the mental and physical corruption of the world. I pray that parents will be more vigilant with this issue. This is not something that will be good for our children. While I can’t do anything about this law, at least I can do something with how I raise my son.


Why Do Men Cheat?

Happy Monday my loves…

Society tells us that men are superior compared to women. But I beg to disagree. Men are weak and this is the very reason why they cheat. Come to think of it, if they are as strong as they think they are, why would they need a number of women to make them feel better about themselves? Whereas, women are strong. We don’t need other men to make us feel that we are strong – one man in our lives is enough.

Men are insecure beings. They are not contented with what they have and so they seek for more. If a man is happy with his wife and his family, there is no reason to look for anyone else. Cheating is a result of insecurity. They want to feel secured. They want to re-assure themselves that they are superior and that they can do anything they want. This gives them a false sense of security.

Given the chance, men will always grab the opportunity to cheat. This is not something that most women will take advantage of. Why do you think there are a lot of magazines and websites that promote obscenity? Because publishers know that men are not strong enough to resist looking – and in most cases, turning page after page. Apparently, one page is not enough. And no matter how hard I try to convince myself that this is part of being a man, I still firmly believe that this is already a form of cheating.

I may come across to you as a sexist but I am not. I am merely telling you what is obvious that we seem to overlook. I understand that not all men are the same. There are those who remain loyal to their wives no matter how strong the temptation may be. And I truly admire these men. I give a shout out to all men who have stood up for what they believe in and who have fought temptations to preserve the love.

And let me also correct myself for generalizing. I should have used “some men” instead of “men” for the sake of being fair. I’m sorry.

So where are all these thoughts coming from? Since it’s women’s day last Friday, I just happened to feel empathy for the plight of women who have been cheated on by their husbands. There are many articles online that we can all relate to as women. And although it may not have personally happened to us, we still can’t help but feel the sincerest empathy for these women.

And my advice? Men who cheat are not worth our love 🙂 Happy women’s day my loves 🙂

How To Be A Good Wife – In Celebration Of Women’s Day

Happy Tuesday my loves..

Women’s day is just around the corner. One of the exciting roles of a woman is to be a wife. I’ve been married for many years already.I have lived half of my life with my husband. Our marriage is not a walk in the park. It is not something that came out straight from a romantic fairy tale story. Our marriage is just like everybody else’s. We have our ups and downs. We have our little arguments. We struggle many times. But God has continually sustained what we have.

So as part of the upcoming women’s day, let me share to you some of the ways to be a good wife. Some are clichés that we often times forget about so please take them as reminders.

1. Women’s way is not always the right way. Let’s admit it. Sometimes our way is so different from our husband’s way. In a relationship, there should always be respect. Even if we think that we are certain with our way, we should not miss the opportunity to listen to our husbands’ ideas. They may have a different way of taking things but it doesn’t mean that they are already wrong. Listen first before deciding on whose way to follow.

2. Be your husband’s constant companion. We all need intimate companionships. Genesis 2:18 says that “It is not good that the man should be alone.” We need company and unless we want our husbands to look for company somewhere else, let us keep our intimate companionship alive.

3. Don’t assume that your husband is a mind reader. Women are vague. We don’t usually say what we want to say in a direct way. We beat around the bush and yet expect our husbands to fully understand us. They are not mind readers. Say what you mean and then communication will not be that difficult at all.

4. Your husband is not Prince Charming. Don’t expect too much and you will not be disappointed. Women are so fond of fairy tale love stories. As young girls, we always dream of having our own prince charmings. But have we asked ourselves this: we are looking for Prince Charming but are we Cinderella material? Expectations can ruin a relationship. Accept who your husband is. Forget Prince Charming.

5. Before you talk to other people about your relationship concerns, talk to your husband first. Anything about the relationship should be discussed between the two of you. Other people will just create a wider barrier between you and your husband. Asking for people’s advice is an option only if you can’t resolve the issue between the two of you.

So there you go my loves, my five tips on how to be a good wife. I am not a good wife yet but I’m trying to be one 🙂